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Welcome, new members (Read 248 times)

    Hello, Jesse and dgrosenberger - welcome to our little corner of the universe!

    Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

      good to have ya, the more the merrier!
      2010 Goals
      Succesful pacing jobs at Shamrock (3:20)...
      VTU 100 Ultramarathon - finish
      at least 250 miles/mo., 3000+ miles for the year

      Hawt and sexy



        HI!  My name is Amanda.  And I have taper madness.  Welcome new peeps.  LOL  And now the regulars have all posted.

        I'm touching your pants.

          Ha, Ha thanks. Glad Willa told me the group name changed. I was searcing neparunner.


          Steamtown today rocked! Hit a PR and ran even splits. Very proud of my stragity!

          PR's: 5k 19:34 2008 10k 41:05 2008 Half 1:34:34 2007 Marathon 3:29:49 2009 Up next, Spring Marathon NJ?

            Congrats, Jesse--strong running!


            It was fun seeing Willa and Pam before the start. Glad we got to say hi.


            One good thing about volunteering is that nobody gives you a hard time for taking a break while you're working!

            Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

              Amanda, not ALL the regulars posted, although lately I've been training like a newbie :-)

              Nice job to all the ran Steamtown, I'm hoping to be there in '10


                So when you look at the member list what do the little yellow shields mean?

                  They're administrator symbols. Kyle, the one who started this group, has moved out of the NEPA area and hasn't been logging in much, so he put some of us in charge of watching the forums for him.


                  Basically, it means that if someone posts something inappropriate, we're supposed to censor it. Luckily, I don't think any of us have had to do that.

                  Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

                  Hawt and sexy

                    The shields give us superpowers.  We can censor or kick out peeps.  We put up with a lot.  But we had a situation pop up where we needed to feel that we could have some control in case it was needed. The shields can also change the group name and post pics on the home page.

                    I'm touching your pants.