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    Hi all! I just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself a little. I finally got sick of the Active/Coolrunning fiasco and had missed reading and posting about running. I am in the Army at Ft. Bragg and my wife, two boys and I live in Cary. I am on my last month in Iraq and have been deployed since November 2006. I am very excited about getting home and eventually getting back into racing. I prefer trail running to roads and am only competitive with myself (that means slow). I want to run at least one marathon this year and maybe an ultra. Recently, I have started doing Crossfit. It is the best workout plan I have ever done! I hope to involve my wife and kids when I get home. Has anyone been to the CrossFit Gym in Raleigh? It is truly about total body strength. I am excited to meet many of you at future races. The thing I love the most about running is the camaraderie! Darrel
      Hi, Darrel! I admit I got a little confused, reading your post and trying to understand where you said you were. Tongue I finally figured it out... home: Cary. work: Ft. Bragg. current location: Iraq. Right? Confused Ever find yourself getting confused as to where you are? Wink Never been to CrossFit. I get my gym fix in the workout area of White Tiger Martial Arts. Great set-up there, considering. Nice to meet you. Smile

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        Wingz, you got it right. I will be home sometime in Feb. if all goes well. Dependent on family plans, I may volunteer for the Umstead Marathon. I was signed up, but withdrew due to injury. I am going to look for a spring 5 or 10K just to get back out there. Should be healed up by then. Anyone do the Xterra Tri at Bragg last year? or considering this year? Darrel Phil. 3:14
          Darrel, Well here is hoping you get back soon and safe! You mentioned a spring 5 or 10K to get back into the swing, I want to recommend the Run for the Oaks in Raleigh, usually on the same day as the St Patricks Day parade. I have run it twice and its a good course thats not too demanding on the body. Alan
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            I have to second the Run for the oaks. It is flat and fast! Hope you make it back soon. See you at the races.
              Thanks for the help! I really dread short races, but my two boys, 9 and 11, have shown interest in running with me. I will probably do the Run for the Oaks 5K or the Joggin' for your Noggin' 5K with them and maybe the Classic Half, for me! Anyone know where to get running shoes for kids?