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2008 Second Empire Grand Prix Series (Read 471 times)


    Who's running the Second Empire Grand Prix Series this year? http://www.second-empire.com/race/grandprix/ The series had fallen off my plate this year, with training for the City of Oaks Half, my first half marathon. I remembered it in time to run the Magnificent Mile, and have signed up for the Autism Ribbon Run 5K next weekend. I'll probably just use it as a training run, as I'll need to add some miles to stay on track with my training schedule. (I signed up for the Worldwide Festival of Races with this 5K in mind.) I wish I'd caught the Healthier Babies 5K, but ah, well! I'd love to be able to attend the luncheon at Second Empire in January, but I don't know if I can fit in 7 out of 9 races at this point, due to travel plans and the City of Oaks. (I don't think I'm speedy enough to be able to attend on points alone!) I discovered that I actually ran two races in this series last year and didn't realize it. So here's hoping I'll surpass last year's point total! Okay, so who's running the next race in the series, the Autism Ribbon Run on Oct. 11?