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Tracks open to public? (Read 869 times)

Future running partner.

    I am fairly new to the area and I am getting ready to start some track workouts, for the first time in many years. I live in Knightdale and the problem is the Knightdale HS track doesn't appear to be open to the public. I was out running by lake johnson and noticed the track nearby there doesn't appear to be open to the public either. Anyone know of good track open to the public preferrably close to knightdale. I ultimately will do my intervals on a nearby trail, but starting out I am not sure how to gauge my speed yet. So running on a track will give me a good reference point.
      It might be worth the effort to check the track fence @ KHS carefully; the one at the school where I work in N. Raleigh is pretty well locked up to anything bigger than a person (like bikes, etc.), but often is open to allow people in.

        Once or twice a week in the summers I play after-work basketball at Carroll Middle School off Six Forks - it is probably about 10-12 miles from Knightdale. They have a fairly well maintained track that has been open to the public for at least the last five years. There is usually light traffic in the evenings - a few women or couples that like to walk and the occasional bicyclist - yes bicyclist!
          nc state's is open to the public. not really close to knightdale though

          Future running partner.

            I found one off of Buffaloe rd not far off of 540. It's not cushined, but at least it's measured and close to work and home. If any you are curious check my log and look at my routes.