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    Hi Folks, I'm out of shape and looking to get back into running. I ran a few local races a year or two ago, but then got injured, pre-occupied with other things, kind-of fat, and sort of gave up. If any of you are from the cool running group, you may remember me from there. I'm taking it slow, trying to drop this weight I've put on, mostly medium length, slow paced runs. I run nearly every night up at Falls Dam in N. Raleigh. If anyone else runs up there, you've probably seen me or my motorcycle (I'm the only bike in the lot, ever). I love running up there - great spot. Just wanted to introduce myself, Joel
      Hi, Joel! Welcome back to running and welcome to RA! I was on CR a few years ago - found this site and liked the log better so I came over. Were you able to import your old CR log okay? There's an automated set-up that I think's still working if not. Let me know if you need any technical help with this site. I've never run at Falls Dam, though a coworker of mine kept trying to get me up there. What kind of surfaces do you have there? -Janell

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