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Anyone else run the Capital City Classic? (Read 306 times)

Future running partner.

    What happened? This was the most poorly managed race I have ever run. I feel bad for anyone whose first 10k was this one. For being considered a USATFNC event, I was expecting something much better. Here is what went wrong. First off there was no starting line. I was lucky to be close enough to the front to get an Idea of were the official start was. Anyone further back in the pack had no idea where to start their watch. Secondly there were only 2 water stations, which only had what seemed to be a few volunteers at each of them. They were not able to keep up with the demand, considering it was already getting warm and humid that morning. I get to the first water station at the 2 mile mark and they had no cups filled. It was either stop and wait a minute for water or skip it. I chose the latter. I also heard from some of the late finishers that the second water station ran out completely. This was awful because by 9:15 which was only 40 minutes after the start the Temperature was already 76 and the due point was over 70. Thirdly after the race, they ran out of water at the finish. Some finishers had to wait about 10 minutes for water. The last major problem; what happened to the awards ceremony?! They only presented for elite runners, nothing for age group. That's the main reason people stick around, is to see how they stack up in their age group. Also it's cool to see the finishers who are still going strong in there 70's and 80's. I just wonder how this race ended up being so horribly put together. I hope the organizers learn from this and make this better next year.

    Future running partner.

      The age groug results posted only shows the top 3 in each age group. If you aren't one of those 3 you can see the results here: 2009 Capital City Classic 10k Results
        Yeah, I agree with your complaints. 


        I got there about 30 minutes early for same day packet pick up.  The line was out the door.  Yes, I should have gotten in the night before but I certainly didn't expect the wait to be that long.  There was only two or three people getting people processed and that was after I heard someone say they were getting more volunteers.


        I also had pre-registered my daughters to run their kid races and we barely made it to the start of their races, which seemed to be put together as they walked the kids to the start.


        They told the kids that when they finished they would get to see snakes?  Never happened.  And the kids didn't get anything (cost $5 to enter the race for them).


        I did get water at the second stop but they were digging it out of the bottom.  I was lucky. 


        But it was badly organized.