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OBX Marathon? (Read 380 times)


    Hi, I am new to this group and was wondering if anyone has run the Outer Banks marathon? I am looking to run a marathon in the fall and considering that one, Richmond or Raleigh. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    Non-Stroller-Still Crazy

      I have run the City of Oaks(Raleigh) half and it is a great race but the marathon is a challenging course. OBX is a great course but can be difficult do to wind. Richmond is not a flat course but it typically is fast unless it is very hot. You could also do Charlotte(2nd week of December) which is typically cold and EXTREMELY hilly. I have done it the last 3 years and it is fun but very difficult compared to courses like Myrtle and OBX.


        Thanks for the feedback JDF. I am looking for one that is a bit easier since I haven't run one in 10 yrs. So that probably eliminates Charlotte from the sound of it. I think that next year I may try Myrtle Beach since I have family there and as you mentioned I've heard it's pretty fast. For this year if you had to choose between Raleigh, Richmond and OBX, which do you think is best? This would be my second marathon and I really want to try to do it in under 4 hrs (last time I did 4 hrs 21 min due to bad quad cramps around 20 miles, was on track for under 4 hrs up til then). Thanks!

          I ran OBX 3 years ago, it was my first (and to date, only) marathon. It was awesome! My brother has run several (5 or so) marathons and OBX is his favorite. The first 13 miles are great, you run along the Sound, through neighborhoods with people out cheering you on. The back half is mainly a road race, but it is still good. The bridge into Manteo is a killer. The day we ran was perfect, 55 degrees or so, however,  I had a friend run it last year, or the year before, and she stated that it was too hot, above 70 degrees I think.  I agree with JDF in that I have been told the wind can be a huge problem at OBX.


          All and all,I would recommend it and I may do it again this year. It's a great run and the family loves being at the beach.


          Good luck!