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    Hi Group, New to this group and fairly new to RunningAhead, and another CR refugee. I live in North Raleigh in Bedford, work in Durham and usually squeeze my weekday runs in at lunchtime on the American Tobacco Trail. Would love to find another runner or runners to run my long run on Sunday with. I have been running 5K's for the past couple of years, and are trying to up my mileage to get ready for the Capital City 10k in April. Alan
    I run because I don't want to give up beer!
      Hi, Alan. Is the Tobacco Trail exclusively in Durham or has it expanded some? I'm afraid I can't help you with the long runs, but perhaps one of the other guys/gals here would be a better match? There are so many runners here in Raleigh! Welcome! Janell

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        Hey... I live in North Raleigh, and work in Durham also... but I tend to get my runs in after work. How far are your long runs? I am pretty slow, but am also trying to increase my long runs. Even virtual support might be helpful!
          Wingz, its pretty much in Durham, though there is a stretch that is near Apex. I pretty much run the Durham portion. Jeffers, well my long runs are between 5 and 7 miles, trying to build my base and I can assure you Im not that fast. I think my best 5k was 26:45. If you get the chance to run at lunch, I have become a big fan of the YMCA at the American Tobacco bldg, and it puts the trail head for a out and back run right there. Alan
          I run because I don't want to give up beer!
            My long runs right now are between 4 and 6 miles. My recent 10K time was right at 58 minutes... Yeah, I love the ATT... so flat and convenient. I will be running there today after work with a few friends... after the out and back run we usually get drinks and food at Tylers (gotta replenish the carbs!). Let me know if you ever want to join us sometime.
              Jeffers, I would love to join you, do you all run on Fridays after work or on the weekends? drop me a line at hajones61@gmail.com
              I run because I don't want to give up beer!
                Hi guys! I love the ATT as well. That's almost always where I do my long runs. I live in Durham, work in Raleigh. Katrina
                  Hi Kat! Maybe we will cross paths on the trail. When do you do your long runs? Alan
                  I run because I don't want to give up beer!
                    Right now, we run Thursdays after work... usually between 5:00 and 5:30pm. We are also planning to run the Coach Bubba race in February. Jeff
                      I do my longs on Saturday mornings (most often). Although I missed last weekend so I'll be doing it today I'm also running the Coach Bubba in Feb!