Raleigh, NC and surrounding area


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    I have a new job where I'm based on State's Centennial campus. Anybody ever run there or around there? Suggestions for places? Thanks! Katrina
      I don't really know about the safety of the area, but you are near Dorothea Dix's campus, which is pretty. I've seen some people run near there. There is some greenway trail in the area too. Again, I'm not familiar with the safety of the area but I've seen it (from the car). You going to run in that Krispy Kreme challenge this year? (Or has it already happened?)

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Thanks for the tips, I'll do some research. I don't think I could (or want) to handle that....that's just too many donuts!!
          I don't think you are far from the Reedy Creek trail... it runs past the art museum. It's a bit hilly at points, but a really nice place to run. Also, whenever I think of State, I think of Lake Johnson. It's a two-mile trail around the lake... very nice, a few hills, and very motivating since a lot of people walk/run there. There are even some trails to run on if you feel adventurous!