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NC Roadrunners Women's series (Read 500 times)

    Has anyone done the NCRR women's beginners' training program? It's coming up in late July. I've been tempted to do this several times, but the timing has not been good for me in the past. If you have any experience with this, how slow is the slow group? "Run" is still a very relative term for me. Smile Bethanie
      I know there's a women's walking program going on right now that is supposed to prepare people to be ready to start the women's running program. I think they're related. I've talked to some people who have acted as mentors for the July program and they were very positive and said good things about it. What kind of pace are you running at? Chances are there's someone who'll match you. I know a few really nice ladies who like to run at about 14-ish minute miles for 4 minutes, then walk for 1 minute, then repeat. When you throw in walk breaks like that it makes a huge difference on how fast you can go. (ie, if you can only sustain 16- or 17- minute miles continuously you may still be able to do these "intervals.") It's nice to have company, too.

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Thanks for the heads up on the walking program. I'm thinking of picking up the women's program as a follow up to C25K if I can. The timing should actually work out this time... I live in Mexico for part of the summer, but this year I should be back in time for the start of it this year. I did 2 miles in 31 minutes today on the treadmill, counting 5 minutes of walking warmup and about 3 minutes of cooling down (then I walked the 1/3 mile back to my office for the rest of the cooldown). A quick walk for me is about 3.7ish, so that's about a 16 minute mile? Right now, I'm not up to running for 4 minutes straight, but will be there soon! Bethanie
          Are you still doing the couch-to-5K? You'll SO be able to do 4:1 run:walks by then! (mutters to self: though why anyone would want to go to Mexico for the SUMMER instead of winter is beyond me... Wink )

          Roads were made for journeys...

            Hola, Yes, still doing c25K, and am shooting for Race for the Cure @ Meredith about 1 week before I leave for Mexico. I've also recruited people to do it with me--so much harder not to do it when I've recruited the others! I'm looking forward to the women's series as a follow up and building on c25k. Summer = time off; winter = work. Mexico in the summer can be brutal, but it's my (other) home. I work there with a group similar to Habitat for Humanity and we build houses, put on medical clinics, etc. It's amazing! Bethanie