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Rusk Runner

    Good job on a signifiacant PR LCanida!


    15 miles today @ 9:16 avg pace.  40 miles for the week.  Pfitz starts Tuesday.  Here we go!!

    PRs...5K - 20:36, 4mile - 26:15, 13.1 - 1:32, 26.2 - 3:42

    Just Run!!!


    Run Strider Run!

      Flinders, Bel, LC, and SRA, nice job on your races!  


      Sra, you have been through many challenging races this year, so all considering this is pretty good.  And you just completed another marathon.  That's pretty big in itself.


      LC, nice time for the full marathon!


      5 miles at 9:26 for me today; glad to get out, but still not in a rhythm.  

      PR:  47:52 (10K), 1:48:17 (HM), 4:01:42 (FM)



        Flinders- That's awesome that you were able to do it after your marathon.  I am doing the Wineglass marathon (10/6) and the NYC Marathon (11/3) next fall.  NYC is going to be less of a PR goal race than a fun race to be honest.  If there were good halves around here now I'd definitely do one to see if I could go for a PR, but there really aren't any great ones- just a Central Park one that is always snowy, cold, and annoyingly miserable ( I did it last year).


        Banshee- Nice TT.  I can't do time trials because I get lazy on my own.  Case-in-point my pre-marathon "test run" was at a 9:30 becase I decided I didn't like feeling like my lungs were on fire, and then I ran the marathon 30 sec per mile  One of these days maybe motivation will catch up with me in a training situation. 


        Dreamn- My legs are still heavy from Philly too!  My right hamstring was not excited about today's run.


        LCanida- Congrats on the 4:11 - its SO nice not to be dying at the end, right.  Makes you wanna run more marathons!


        4 for me today- naked - as in, no garmin.  No idea what my pace was, but probably sub 9 just based on how I felt, and I' m a pretty good pacer.  I just went with what my body felt like doing.  Mostly I was getting kinks out.  Hams and calves are still feeling the marathon.  Ran in the Flows.  I love those shoes.

        13.1: 1:45 | 26.2: 3:55

        Ball of Fury

          Great job on the runs everyone!  I ran my first 20-mile run ever today and it went really well!  I felt really good the whole time and felt like my splits were pretty good.  Below you will find the last 17.4 miles because I somehow reset my new Garmin after the first 2.6.  Anyway, I tried to run around 9:45 for the first 10 miles and did pretty well.  Mile 6 was almost all uphill and mile 8 included a bathroom stop and I forgot to pause the Garmin.  At mile 10, I was feeling so good I decided to increase my pace just a bit to see what a negative split felt like so I was shooting for around 9:30 for the last 10...might have gotten a little quick at the end because I just wanted to be done.  All in all, it was a good run, I think.  I do now have a horrible blister on my left foot, but other than that, feel great!


          View Splits

          <form><input type="hidden" name="j_id273" value="j_id273" />

          <colgroup span="4"></colgroup> <tfoot> </tfoot>

          Split Split

          Hours:Minutes:Seconds Time

          Miles Distance

          Minutes per Mile Avg Pace

          Summary 2:49:03.3 17.40 9:43
          1 9:53.8 1.00 9:54
          2 9:44.3 1.00 9:44
          3 9:49.1 1.00 9:49
          4 9:45.3 1.00 9:45
          5 9:45.8 1.00 9:46
          6 10:11.9 1.00 10:12
          7 9:41.9 1.00 9:42
          8 11:25.3 1.00 11:25
          9 9:31.3 1.00 9:31
          10 9:26.4 1.00 9:26
          11 9:33.4 1.00 9:33
          12 9:27.0 1.00 9:27
          13 9:38.4 1.00 9:38
          14 9:19.6 1.00 9:20
          15 9:26.0 1.00 9:26
          16 9:23.4 1.00 9:23
          17 9:21.0 1.00 9:21
          18 3:39.5 0.40 9:10

          PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15


            Afternoon donuts!  DH and I are finally emerging from our period of mourning about last night's SEC championship loss.  So close, but we couldn't stop Bama between the tackles and they made one more play at the very end of the game than we did.  Sigh...


            5 easy miles this morning at 10:02 pace.  Trying to decide if I'm going to run a spring marathon or not.  Training would begin in the next couple of weeks.  We've got a ski trip planned at the beginning of taper week.  Not sure how that would work...or if I could make it work.  Hmmm...what to do.


            sra:  excellent effort through adversity.  You should be proud.


            LC:  congrats to you as well on a great time.

            PRs:  1:39:24 (HM)  3:47:02 (FM)


              mdawg, sra, and any other bulldog fans - sorry about your game yesterday, your team played great though.


              I've been mostly MIA since MCM.  I just have had a hard time getting motivated to go run, and it doesn't help that I hate running in the cold.  Anyway I'm trying to jerk the slack out and get consistently going again.  I'll have to find a fall marathon, I just can't make a spring one fit into my schedule, but that's not all bad.  I've spent a significant amount of time working with a PT, and it seems that sra was right about one leg being weaker than the other.  The PT thinks that is a huge factor in my injury struggles, so I've been working to correct that.  Hoping that 2013 is going to be my year.  Good to see this thread is still going in spite of all the issues RW has been having.


                Hey all, 

                Got in 4 @ 9:47. Left knee felt good, so that's two days in a row. Right side was achy though. Finished the week with 27. Hope Josh and DR had great races. Will catch up on shouts later. 

                PRs: 21:35 (5K); 1:46:46 (HM); 4:30:46 (FM)

                Trail Monster

                  Hey all, 

                  Got in 4 @ 9:47. Left knee felt good, so that's two days in a row. Right side was achy though. Finished the week with 27. Hope Josh and DR had great races. Will catch up on shouts later. 


                  That's pretty awesome placement Bel!


                  indiana - Woah! Nice run!


                  Striders - way to get it done.


                  Sprinkles - LOL at the training laziness!


                  Ami - Great 20 miler! Congrats on your first!


                  mdawg - nice easy run.


                  NC_RB - I hope the PT can help you safely get to a fall marathon!


                  I did my 10 today. A little slower than I wanted. I was aiming for 10:40-ish pace and nailed it the first half (I ran two 5 mile loops of a lake). The first loop was beautiful, 57*, light sun/clouds, small breeze. Less than a mile into the second loop the dark clouds rolled in and the wind picked up and the heavens let loose. I was so cold and miserable that I kind of gave up. Ended up finishing with an 11:20 average. But I did it so I'm happy. 32.5 miles for the week.

                  2013 races:

                  3/17 Shamrock Marathon

                  4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

                  7/27 Burning RIver 100M

                  8/24 Baker 50M

                  10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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                    Sprinkles: Hmm.  Perhaps a March HM somewhere to race in lieu of a LR in your spring program, or something in late August to sub for a LR in your Wineglass cycle?  Or, if you are running NYC as a fun run, possibly something next December?


                    LCanida: Congrats on the big PR!!


                    Cbus/Indy:  I ordered a selection of insoles, so when they get here, I'll experiment to see if any of them work for me.


                    AmiK: Congrats on your first 20!  It is a great feeling.  And they get easier as you do more of them, too.


                    NC: Hope the PT can get things straightened out!


                    Hi to everyone else!


                    Rest day for me today.

                    M: 3:31:56

                    HM: 1:37:33


                      AmiK - nice job on the 20 miler.  Your splits look great!


                      LCanida - congrats on the PR!


                      indiana - I'm excited to start my training schedule too. 2 weeks to go yet for me!


                      Cbus - my ITBS wouldn't let me do a marathon this year so I stuck with the half.  I think it helped me get stronger and faster too.  Not the worst thing.  Smile  If you have a provider in your area, Graston Technique is awesome and helped my ITBS SO MUCH.  Also, doing a lot of planks seemed to help (in addition to all the hip/glute strengthening you normally do for ITBS).  Just my thoughts after dealing with this injury for most of 2011.


                      Fabulous weather here today.  Ran 14 miles in 59 degrees and sunny.  What else can you ask for?


                        Lcanida, what an awesome race and result. I think you negative split too. Cant wait to read that RR (with our new Group format, you can post your RR in its own thread). 


                        Bel, darn! A trophy would've been cool! I read your bio, and wow: you've been able to race in some pretty cool locations. Any favorites? 


                        Indi, good luck with Pfitz! But if you were doing Hansons you would've already be at your LR distance Wink 


                        Strider, you'll get back into a rhythm in no time. 


                        Ami, congrats on the 20 miler. Which Garmin do you have? 


                        Mdawg, sorry about your Dawgs. I think skiing at the beginning of taper would work. Ive never done it, but from what I hear it's great cardio.


                        NC,welcome! Glad you found us. Hope your work with the PT resolves your injury issues.


                        Banshee, great mileage!


                        Onemile, I'm doing somestrength training. I don'tknow if my two good days have anything to do with that. But now I'm thinking I'm gonna train for HMs for a year, and if I can stay injury free, then I'll go for another full. 

                        PRs: 21:35 (5K); 1:46:46 (HM); 4:30:46 (FM)


                          9 miles tonight, didn't have time for 12. Hearing it is really windy in Vegas tonight, hope Josh and D are hanging in there.

                          PRs: 47:54 (10K); 1:46:36 (HM); 3:50:52 (FM)

                          Recovering from injured knee (PCL/Lateral Meniscus)

                          White Lightning

                            Tough night.  Hot, windy (laughable at times.  Sometimes the cups were going down the course faster than we were)  only a 4:44:07.  Race report below.  Great experience, bring on the next one!!!!



                            Play the Game Hard!

                            Rusk Runner

                              Josh - That was a thorough race report.  Congrats on finishing your first marathon!  You are one of very few people who can say you are a marathoner.  Sounds like it was a tough night for all involved with temps and winds.  Take it easy for a bit before focusing on your next goal.  Maybe somewhere cooler?


                              AmiK - Good job on the 20.


                              Onemile - Sounds good.  We can banter about the ups and downs of Pfitz.


                              Welcome back NC!


                              Cbus - Heck that 15 miler was just because I wanted to.  First week of Pfitz is a little 12 miler Wink.  Serioulsy, I will be juggling the first week of training since there is a family trip this weekend.  All in all, this ends up being a cutback week, so its no big deal.  I hate to say it but tomorrow mornings tempo run may have to be done on the dreadmill as the weather may not cooperate with me.  I dont mind running at 3:00 AM but 3:00 AM in rain and wind probably aint happenin'.

                              PRs...5K - 20:36, 4mile - 26:15, 13.1 - 1:32, 26.2 - 3:42

                              Just Run!!!

                              Ball of Fury

                                Morning all!  Rest day for me today!  I am pleasantly surprised how good my legs feel after the 20, though.  No soreness at all...this huge blister hurts like hell though!!


                                MDawg:  Sorry about the loss!  I say go for a Spring marathon...skiing has to be a good taper activity, right?


                                Cbus:  Thanks!  I bought the Garmin 410 when it was a lightning deal on Amazon last week.  I like it so far but definitely will have to lock the bezel when running in the was just sprinkling yesterday and it kept changing my screens!  I need to do more strength training..its hard to find the time, ya know?  We have a pretty big Spartan race in April, though, and I definitely need to work on my upper body.


                                Banshee:  Thanks.  Way to get in the full 10, even with the cold and such!


                                Flinders:  Thank you!  I know you guys have done lots of 20-mile runs but I was excited to get the first one done!


                                Onemile:  Ty!  Nice 14....jealous of your perfect weather!


                                Zokat:  Way to get in 9, even though you didn't have time for the full 12.  I hate it when I have to cut my runs short, which seems to happen frequently in the mornings.


                                Josh:  Nice RR and congratulations on finishing your first marathon!!  Sorry the conditions weren't great...wind is an energy zapper for sure!


                                Jag:  Thanks!  I hear you on the AM thing.  I don't mind to run at 4 AM and I don't mind to run in the rain/snow/wind, but when you combine 4 AM with the rain/snow/wind, that's where I draw the line!

                                PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15