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    Good morning donuts!  Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.  1 hour of stepmill intervals and stretching at the gym this morning.  Didn't do anything on the 25th (family obligations) nor on the 26th (shopping).  Felt good to get back at it this morning.  Test jog tonight with my trainer to see how the calf is.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I can still feel it a little bit so I'm thinking maybe another week.  I refuse to start running again until it's fully healed.


    Onemile:  What kind of calf issue did you have?  How did the Graston help?  Was your achilles involved at all?  My achilles/soleus is still a little tight.


    I diagnosed myself with a calf strain.  My left calf was tight and it got progressively painful and then there was a cramping/burning pain and I couldn't put weight on the front of my foot.  It was my lower, inner part of my calf, but not the achilles.  I couldn't stand on my tip toe on that side and even walking was painful and it was painful when I pressed on that area.  The graston did help.  The chiro found that the side oppposite of the injury was actually the worst and both of my calves felt a lot less tight and more normal after graston.  It's about 90% better at this point.  I can still feel it slightly when I stand on one foot and rise up on my tip toes but it's been just fine for running and walking.

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      Morning!  5 miels tonight with the running group.


      The fact that onemile went through Graston again after experiencing it for her ITB says a lot about the result.  But no thanks!



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      It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)

        Morning!  5 miels tonight with the running group.


        The fact that onemile went through Graston again after experiencing it for her ITB says a lot about the result.  But no thanks!


        I think that your body decides that Graston is painful it stops complaining about the original injury....Cool

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          I think that your body decides that Graston is painful it stops complaining about the original injury....Cool


          My theory is that Graston kills all the nerves in that area.  Joking


          And I can handle a few minutes of pain if it fixes my issue.

            CBus - the shoe hunt continues, what is your take on Brooks' Launch? Reminder: I run in neutral cushioned Nike Pegasus 28 (which no longer exsist, the 29s dont like me). I see that many review the Launch as something between minimal and typical trainer but with cushion.


            Hit me!

            PR's : HM 1:51:15  -  5K 21:27



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              Morning Donuts!  Well it was icy and cold and dark this morning so I ended up with an URD.  My ITB is pretty tight anyway and honestly, it hurts to even walk so it was probably a good idea to rest today.  I will hopefully do the 8 tomorrow, then 6 Saturday, and then 13-14 Sunday to finish out our first week of the taper.  Hope everyone is having a great day!


              QOTD:  I really don't know what my goals are for next year yet.  We ran at least 1 race a month in 2012 so that's out.  I really want to work on my upper body strength to improve my placing in several obstacle course races we are already registered 2012, I placed 4th once and 5th twice for females and while I was happy with those, I would like to get on the podium in 2013.  Also thinking about doing the Ultra Beast in September in Vermont, which is a 26.2 mile obstacle course race.  Not positive though.

              PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15


                Question for those who are using Hansons.  For the MP runs, are you using your McMillian equivalent (which is the same as their pace chart in the book) to get your MP or are you choosing what you think is a more realistic pace?


                  Hey Donuts!


                  My main goal for this year is to be healthy enough to run a HM at some point, but hopefully by midsummer.  And now that I porked up over the holidays, I have a new goal of losing 15 pounds.  Smile


                  Ran 6 last night, including the first .25 barefoot miles I've ever run. Did a warm-up mile (which included the barefoot portion) in 8:40, then 4 mi at 7:20/mi, followed by a cool down mile.  No swelling today after what was basically a tempo workout.


                  Cbus - I'll be at the Holiday Bowl tonight cheering on our Bruins!

                  White Lightning

                    Morning everyone, or guess you could say afternoon, just woke up from a two day turkey coma.  Missed my Christmas day run, no one was qualified to baste and I got a little too deep in a new puzzle I bought for my niece, no idea where she was, ended up doing it myself.  So planned to go yesterday and just had no motivation, I blame the turkey.  Ate more meat in the last two days than I have in 14 months, time to get back on track.


                    Still Friggin cold, think we hit -21F last night.  But looks like its getting warmer tomorrow so I may get to run outside again.  So hopefully today is the last TM run in a while

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                      Still Friggin cold, think we hit -21F last night.  But looks like its getting warmer tomorrow so I may get to run outside again.  So hopefully today is the last TM run in a while


                      And I thought it was going to be cold here in San Diego tonight with a low around 39F.  Thanks for reminding me never to move to Calgary.  Big grin

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                        onemile (and Cbus) - how did you find a Graston practitioner to work on you? It would probably be good to have one on speed dial for BR training.


                        Docket - Have fun with the 5! I wish I could do group runs more often. Thankfully I have lots of voices keeping me company anyway! Big grin


                        Rollcast - If you like light but cushioned have you looked at the Altras? I got the Intuitions and then the Superiors and now I'm pretty much sold on them. My last pair of new Sauconys haven't left their box.


                        Ami - I love the obstacle and mud runs. I think I could do pretty well if I ran one that was actually timed and I really tried. I did a Warrior Dash and a Pretty Muddy and enjoyed both. I'd love to do a Spartan or Tough Mudder but I think my schedule's already full!


                        onemile - I'm not doing Hansons but I choose my MP pace based on realistic times. My actual MP from last race was 10:34 I think. My half marathon puts me at 10 almost on the dot. So I try to stay between those two. If I went by my 5k McMillan I would be running a 3:53 marathon.


                        nachos - nice run!


                        joshlynn - welcome back from your food coma. -21 degrees F?! BRRRRRR!


                        QOTD: I would like to improve my PR's. Whether it's 1 second or 1 minute or 1 hour better I just want to be faster. I would like to have a higher mileage year and stay healthy. Plus finish BR as my first 100. I really just want to be a better all around runner. I pretty much have no doubt the PR's will come if I just keep plugging away at my plan.


                        It's my 28th birthday! Today ended up with 7 miles. I ran 1 mile warm up and then 6 at steady state pace. I pushed to the faster end of my steady state pace range and I was exhausted by the time I finished. I skipped my cool down mile because I just didn't care. But 7 miles at a 9:41 average would have been impossible for me not that long ago so I'll take it. Then DH and I went to Red Lobster where I gorged on mahi-mahi and shrimp before coming home and taking a nap. I got shirts with my blog on them from DH and a running necklace charm from my mom. I'd say it's been a pretty good day!

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                          I understand what you mean Docket and agree; probably best to stick with what works (both in terms of building the needed fitness and being workable with my schedule).  I admit, I’m intrigued by the challenge the 18/55 Piftz would bring and the mystery around the Hanson plan.   Hope you’re feeling better!


                          I appreciate the support Indi – you guys are the best!  I hope to offer support in return also.


                          Ami, I haven’t kept up to know the details of what’s up, but from the recent replies I see you might be worried about bad training runs and pacing.  I had exactly those issues in my first MRT.  The thing that helped me the most was to realize that each and every run is bit of a mystery until its run.  Rather than fret about the possibilities, I accepted that the experience is the most important element to focus on.  The taper weeks were all about healing and mentally relaxing.  I agree with the others, pace easy until late and then go.  My issue was that I didn’t keep an eye on my total time at around mile 20 to implement a strategy (probably due to mental fatigue at the time).  Good luck as you progress!


                          Cbus, glad you’re better from the virus; you’ve been dealing with some injuries – I hope things straighten out soon and you get the training consistency you want.  Graston is a new word in my world, going to check it out.  Yep, born in India, but lived most of my life in Columbus before the world tour started.  BTW, I want to hit 1:45 for my next half and remember your last half was 1:46 – did you follow a plan designed for a half?  I haven’t looked hard enough but want to build one to get me focused.  I know part of the plan includes sucking life forces from little kids, but miles/paces would help.  Smile


                          Nachos, I hear ya on the weight gain!  Josh, the temperatures you mention are making me shiver in my warm house.


                          Did we give up on the Donut shirts or did I just miss it during my absence?  And did we lose Snow during the transition from RW to RA?  I haven’t seen a post from her.


                          My annual total is 1,000 miles (exactly, not by chance, I turned off the treadmill when I reached it) and I’m somehow motivated to keep it at the round number with the few days left this year.  How deeply unmotivated am I to restart?  Yikes!

                          PR:  47:52 (10K), 1:48:17 (HM), 4:01:42 (FM)


                            Hey all,

                            Got in 4 slow miles today. The sidewalks were all still snowed in, so I did a couple of laps around the perimeter of my neighborhood. Did yoga as a warmup. But I just felt so listless and drained. I think it's a hangover from the stomach virus--either that or all the slushing around in the snow. Bright side is, no ITBS. I think the Graston is for real. I just don't feel better physically, but also intuitively I have more confidence in my legs.


                            Qotd: my primary goal is to get over ITBS and stay as injury free as I can. I also want to average around 40 mpw this year. If Graston goes well, I'll race a spring half. Time goal will be sub-1:45, but more than that, I want the last 3.1 miles of the race to be my strongest. Then, I'm thinking a fall full--probably Columbus.


                            Roll, you might be right about Graston! As for the Launch, a friend of mine who used to run mainly in the Pegasus (older models than the 28), switched over to the Launch, and that's now her main, go to trainer. It will be firmer than the Pegasus (but what shoe isn't?). As far as minimal--no, it's just a light weight everyday trainer. Give it a shot.


                            Mdawg, you might look into Graston for the calves.


                            Onemile, MP runs should be done at goal pace. If your goal pace is McMillan's, then go with that. Personally, ill be doing those MP runs at 9:00 or slightly below. In the book, they allude to the idea that calculators are misleading, and therefore to go with a goal pace you know you can achieve. They also say that you can use your Tempo and LRs to assess whether you picked the appropriate goal. I have a few thoughts on this. I know most people like to run a tune up race at the end of a cycle and then base their goal race on that. But in my mind, that's inaccurate because the person has not been training at that fitness level. My thinking is that it might be better to run a race before the training cycle starts, and then go into the cycle training with that goal in mind. Hope that makes sense.


                            Ami, don't sweat any missed miles. It's taper. You can't build at this point. So your main goal is to get to the line uninjured and feeling fresh. focus on that.


                            Nachos, have fun! I just want a bowl win--I don't care which bowl it is.


                            Akalei, Smile

                            PRs: 21:35 (5K); 1:46:46 (HM); 4:30:46 (FM)


                              Banshee, happy birthday! As for Graston, i was lucky. I had to go with an approved list from the insurance provider. Then I called all the offices, starting with the closest. And none of them did Graston. Some hadn't even heard of it (or ITBS!). I then looked at the list more closely and saw an office with the word "sports" in it. Their website said they specialized in sports related injury (ITBS was one of their examples) and that they did Graston. Both docs are former collegiate athletes. I talked a little with the doc on the phone. He gave me a lot confidence, so I went with him. But thinking back on it, I think you gotta look for an office that specializes in sport injury. It doesn't have to be running specific, but knowledge of sports related injury I think is key.


                              Strider, 1:46 came as a result of my MRT. If I do a race in the spring, then I'm going to follow the Hansons half-marathon plan, which is available online.

                              PRs: 21:35 (5K); 1:46:46 (HM); 4:30:46 (FM)


                                Morning!  5 miels tonight with the running group.


                                The fact that onemile went through Graston again after experiencing it for her ITB says a lot about the result.  But no thanks!

                                Is Onemile female?

                                PRs: 21:35 (5K); 1:46:46 (HM); 4:30:46 (FM)