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RUNNING 2013 GOALS (not just races) (Read 305 times)


    This thread is a great idea.  Thanks, Rollcast!


    For me:


    1.  Run 2,000 miles.

    1a.  Run more consistently through the entire year.  No "down" months where I average 20 MPW!

    2.  Run a 3:45:00 marathon.

    3.  No injuries!

    4.  Improve my core strength...(how about I consistently follow a program?).

    5.  Weight to 170 lbs (about 6 lbs less than I ran Disney)

    6.  Drink more water and less diet pepsi.  Smile


      1) Recover from injury and stay uninjured

      2) improve running form

      3) build base back into the 30's

      4) Run a sub-1:40 half

      5) Run a sub 3:40 marathon


      Goals 4 and 5 are well within my reach if I can ever get healthy.  Smile


      LC Runs

        SUB 4 Marathon--- now I have a 4:03


        - Boston Qualify Smile or work towards it..

        -Incorporate more speed work, which works by the way

        -Run another 1/2 and PR

        -Incorporate more hill repeats

        -actually log my runs and miles

        -take rest days if I feel like I need it

        -try to run with less music if I run alone

        -NO Injuries!

        -Stretch and Ice More

        -lean up and work towards racing weight

        -Improve in strength training

        Shirtless wonder

          boston qualify without injuring myself. Wink  Current aveage 2 marathons one sub 4 one not.  So I guess goal is to be consistent.


          Update: Well that goal ended 10/1/2013 with ankle injury. Evil  Next year....


          Nulla camisia et nulla problematum