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    CMB, that's sounds terrible. I hope it doesn't require surgery. I broke my ankle in high school in a backyard basketball accident. So I feel your pain. In fact I still cringe when I think of ankle injuries. I remember the rubber on the crutches chafing my arm pits something terrible. If that happens, I recommend wrapping them with towels.


    Sprink, I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you need to lose that weight? Maybe your body is putting it on because it is healthier with the added weight. If it's health related, then I can see trying to lose the weight, but if it's purely for aesthetic reasons, then I hope you'll reject the image of the ideal woman American culture tries to jam down our throats.


    Zoe, I hope the leg adjustments resolve the issue. Injuries are very frustrating.


    Roll, no my man, the intervals owned me. Truly. They owned me real bad.


    Onemile, just say some prayers tonight so that God will have mercy on you during Graston.


    Josh, are you still working with the chiro for the ITBS? And don't sweat the goldfish. Your body needs the energy. My preference however is potato chips, and ice cream, and donuts, and oh yeah Twizzlers are keeping me from going into a coma.

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      Josh, are you still working with the chiro for the ITBS? And don't sweat the goldfish. Your body needs the energy. My preference however is potato chips, and ice cream, and donuts, and oh yeah Twizzlers are keeping me from going into a coma.


      We are still working on the right side inside the hip, next appointment on Thursday after my 10 miler.  This is the first time i've had issues in the left for about two months and this was in the hip, not the knee like before.  I easily stretched it out and it felt fine after.  I didn't stretch before my run which I always do and I should have stretched on Monday night like i have been, instead it was the couch with the goldfish.  Ran with my new adrenaline 13's and they felt a little too soft and heavy at first but everything settled in after a while.  Just seems to take me a really long time to get warmed up.

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        Sprinkles - x2 on Cbus' response.


        Josh - I always dread adjusting to new kix.


        Cmb - I broke mine in a pole vault incident and then again a couple of years ago on a run (rock). Recovery isn't as bad as one might think.


        me - 5 easy miles tonight (2 with the pup). Legs felt sluggish, due to my past two meals of terribleness (that's a word right).


        good night fellow donuts

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          This is exactly why Hansons skips the 20 milers.  If you are taking the day off before and the day off after, you are placing all the focus on one run.  When you'd be better off placing that focus on quality work and overall mileage.



          +1000 to this ^ and what zoe said too.

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            cbus - you ran the speedwork good. All within 3 seconds of each one. You nailed it. You guys crack me up about not wanting to race 5k's though.Smile


            cmb - sorry about ankle and hope surgery not required.


            josh - My kids love goldfish. My downfall is PB M&M's.Smile


            me - Easy flowing 6+ miles this morning. Need to keep it short with back-to-back quality days Thurs & Frii due to kid activities Sat crimping my schedule. Daughter has 2 dance meets Sat with first one at 9am. Ugh!

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            Ball of Fury

              Jedi:  Nice 6. We have to adjust our schedule this weekend also since it is my DDs birthday party Saturday and I have to work Sunday...I hate it when life gets in the way of running!


              Roll:  Nice 5...terribleness is definitely a word!


              CBus:  Sounds like you rocked those intervals.  I have decided we should make it our Donut mission to force CBus to run a 5K!  Whose in?


              Cmb:  Again, I am so sorry about your injury.  I hope you don't need surgery!


              Sprinkles:  Sounds like a tough run.  DH and I have tried to cut carbs a bit while training for races, but it just doesn't work for me.  I am not sure if it is physical or mental or both!  But, also +1 to what the boys said....I think you look great!


              Zoe:  I hope the treatments work for you and you are back to running soon!


              Josh:  I am so terrible at math while running, even though I am pretty good at it normally.  You should have seen me trying to calculate 0.38 of a mile on the TM yesterday...hilarious!


              Onemile:  Great job on the intervals and good luck with Graston.  I haven't been to the chiro since right after the marathon....have been feeling pretty good except today I woke up and my ITB just feels really tight.


              SRD for us today, but we have Shoulders and Arms on top for this afternoon...should have done it this morning but I was just tired and wanted to sleep!   DD turns 4 today so we will do a special dinner or something, but hopefully can squeeze in the workout before that.  Hope you guys have a great day!

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              Bad Ass

                Morning!  I did 4 last night and 7 this morning.  They were both super slow (like they were done by another person).  But the weather is record breaking hot and super humid, so I'll take whatever I can get.


                AmiK, enjoy your SRD and hope the P90X workout goes well.


                jedi, nice easy 6.  Mine were also easy flowing but like 4mm slower, ha.


                Have a great day, all.  I've been super busy but hoping to chime in more today.



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                  Good morning donuts!  More donut news in the ATL.  Someone stole a Krispy Kreme delivery truck while the KK employee was inside a convenience store dropping off an order.  I swear it wasn't me...


                  cbus:  Booyah!  Nice workout!


                  cmb:  Crutches are probably more painful than the ankle.  Fingers and toes crossed no surgery is required.


                  roll:  Yes, that's a word along with "awesomeness" and a few others.


                  zoe:  I sympathize!  Hope the treatments get rid of the issue.


                  jedi/amik/anyone else with kids:  Don't know how you do it around the little ones' schedules!

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                    Morning guys.


                    CMB - I hope you don't need surgery and heal up quickly!


                    Zoe - sorry you're still having pain. Hope you get it sorted out.


                    Sprinkles - I hear ya on the weight loss stuff. I gained a few lbs this winter and need to get it back under control.


                    Cbus - I'm not too worried about the Graston since nothing is really bad. Just some tightness here and there I want to take care of and I figured since I'm half way through the program this is a good time to do it.  Good luck on yours!


                    Simon - that makes sense but I had to point out that you are exactly the opposite of the Hansons philosophy - they are not fans of taking the day before or after the LR off Smile


                    Josh - hope the hip feels better!


                    Jedi - easy flowing miles = excellent Smile


                    Amik - that's cute that you and your hubby are on the same schedule Smile  Enjoy the rest and strength.


                    Damaris - nice job on the 7.  Wouldn't mind some of your hot weather.


                    SRD for me and graston tonight.  Nothing major just want to ward off some tightness in my calves and left ITB.



                      Josh- I think this time around it was not enough of either- but mostly carbs.  For some reason my body reacts to simple carbs by breaking out in a rash of fat Smile  So, I've sacrificed some of my training paces to get back to a weight I am more comfortable at.  I read the racing weight book and it was still to carb-heavy and too low fat for me.  I need protein and fat to stay not starving.  the 30mpw thing makes sense- losing was actually easier on lower mileage.


                      Akalei- it is frustrating! I have a fairly speedy metaboilsm and run a lot so I thought it would be easier to drop those few pounds, and I did drop like 4 in a week just not eating garbage, but still - guys with fast metabolisms can get away with so much more.


                      AmiK- thanks!  It's fine for shorter runs but long runs is a pain int he ass.


                      Cbus- I'm actually just trying to get off the 5 lbs that I put on over the past month to get back to my normal weight.  I give myself a 5 lb range in either direction and the alarm bells go off when I hit it.  I went through a chunky phase in high school, so I like to keep that under control.  LOL i can't be the ideal woman based on society's ideals anyway - way too short and muscular for that, so I just try to stay around a consistent number.  I've got 2 more lbs to get off before I'm back at my baseline- should be able to do that while eating more carbs anyway.


                      Onemile- Yeah its just like, one becomes five and then ten and then nothing fits!





                      Me- 3 mi recovery run on the TM this morning- figured I'd stick to softer-surface running due to my shin acting up - took it really slow and took my time stretching too.  Spin tonight to make up for the missed remainder of the workout.  9 tomorrow - I'm cutting a mile out of each run to make it more in line with last weeks' mileage.

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                        Hey all,

                        Just got back from Graston. Not too bad today. He found a couple of adhesions, but nothing too bad. He also worked on my shoulder, which can get irritated from the repetitive motion involved in running. My next appointment is not until after my race.


                        Jedi, is there a difference between PB M&Ms and Reese's Pieces?


                        Ami, too late. I've already decided to give up 5ks for Lent. And since I'm an extra devout Christian, I committed to giving them up for eternity.


                        Mdawg, I think by this point, the kids understand. I try to do most of my running when my kids are preoccupied with school or other responsibilities, such as, napping or at night when it's summer. There are times when a conflict is unavoidable.

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                          mdawg - mine not so little anymore at 13, 10, and almost 8.Smile BIG reason I get up at 4am during week to run with all their activities. Otherwise i would simply not run then.


                          DR - Do Work!Smile


                          AmiK - enjoy SRD! My youngest has her bday week before my race so I need to cutback that week anyway which is good.


                          onemile - enjoy your SRD too! Flowing like the river!Smile


                          Sprinkles - enjoy the spin tonight

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                            PB M&M's bigger than reese's Pieces like same size as Peanut M&M's. I can polish off a BIG bag in one sitting.Smile


                            Jedi, is there a difference between PB M&Ms and Reese's Pieces? 

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                              roll:  Yes, that's a word along with "awesomeness" and a few others.




                              this made me chuckle. i make up my own ebonics on a regular basis. Ebonicness

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                                Morning, everyone.  Busy day today and it may be another rest day for the PF, but if I get out early enough I may try to go for 4-5 miles this afternoon before dinner meeting at 5:30.  I need it, too... I'm in such a foul mood today.


                                Sprinkles: men with good metabolism, like Jedi?  haha after the M&M's comment, I had to Smile

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