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    My garmin stopped working in the tunnel but kept timing me, so the time is pretty accurate give 20 seconds, but the distance is all kinds of off.


    Mile 1-3: Spent this time in Central Park jockeying for a clear space to run in.  I was corralled properly and even made a snarky remark to someone who was trying to get herself from Corral 22 into Corral 4 - I told her to hurry up or she was gonna be late for her corral, which is a mile away.  So not sorry for that, since I was way in the back a year ago and worked my way to the front the hard way.


    Mile 4-6: Harlem Hill and West Side Hills - what hills?  It was still freezing at this point, so my heartrate was fairly low and I was feeling pretty great.


    Miles 7-8: Mile 7 I wanted to take a Gu but started to feel a bit nauseated, so I stopped to properly drink some water.  My gu had actually frozen, so I took a gel from the powerade table- I almost barfed it, so I spit out what was left and kept going, battling nausea (maybe 7:30 ish is my LT pace).   This part of the race was all smiles though becasuse it is through Times Square. I saw an Oiselle blogger overtake me at this point- I remember her name from when I read blogs but she's not listed in the results, so I guess she switched bibs.


    Miles 9-12: These are flat pancake roads - West Side Highway- fairly dull- I run them every day.  Finished with going past my apartment and under the Battery Park underpass and into the financial district to cross the finish line...all even splits at this point.  Lots of hooting and hollering in the tunnel.


    Good race!!!  I have one picture so far.


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    13.1: 1:45 | 26.2: 3:55

    Ball of Fury

      Congrats again Sprinkles....did the blogger have on a skirt?

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        Sprinkles - nice race ! wow - those splits are fast !!!


        was the nausea due to the fast laps - laps 6 & 7 were pretty fast - thoughts ? nice job holding pace after mile 8 - very impressive


        i know what you mean on the frozen GU - many times i'll put one in my hand about 5 minutes away and that helps sometimes


        Also - what were the weather conditions - weren't you cold ?


        nice job !! keep up the good training !

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        Three Martini Lunch

          Again, great race, Sprinkles!  Nice RR, too!


          I liked your comment to the corral jumper.  I saw one person who had done the corral jumping to the one ahead of mine nearly flattened by a bigger guy who started near me at my race...hopefully that will be a lesson to her.

          M: 3:31:56

          HM: 1:37:33



            AmiK- no skirt on this one- that was reserved for the slower ones I think...but the outfit was fairly ridiculous.


            DTF- pretty sure the fast miles did it- I think thats close to lactate threshold pace for me, aka "puke pace", so I had to dial it back.  I am glad I threw down miles in that range though, at least I know Im learning how to race and when to pull back.  Also, it felt like 23 at the start and I was freezing.  I'm used to training on that course in the wind but I wouldn't have minded a warmer base layer- the orange shirt was pretty light.  I had a belt full of gu, hand warmers, and my phone on under my singlet, but my hands froze up too much to reach it.


            Flinders- I have no problem flattening those people.  Git in your assigned corral!  Its just stupid to be up there- you could see a definite change in morale amongst the less experienced runners coming down the pike about 45 minutes after I finished.  They were struggling- I don't want to be struggling while everyone else around me is hootin' and hollerin' in the tunnel.

            13.1: 1:45 | 26.2: 3:55


              Great race Sprinkles!  Nice splits and congrats on nailing your goal!


                Great race! And great pic too: you definitely look like you're smashing it (I thought for a sec you had orangish skin, until I realized you were double layered!)

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                  Great race! And great pic too: you definitely look like you're smashing it (I thought for a sec you had orangish skin, until I realized you were double layered!)


                  Haha I know, I noticed that afterwards too- our colors are yellow-orange and blue- the yellow-orange undershirt isn't the best color on me since I basically have yellow undertoned white skin.  In most of my other pictures I look NEON PINK.  It was that cold.

                  13.1: 1:45 | 26.2: 3:55

                    Nice picture of you, determined and serious but not grimacing with effort!

                    Great race!

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                    Bad Ass

                      Great race!  Congrats!



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                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                        That is a great pic

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                          Great race! Congrats!

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                            Thanks everyone!  I couldn't do it without all the cheers fromt his forum and my teammates...when work gets up, the idea of reporting to someone is what makes me get my butt out of bed at 6 am!

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