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Rusk Runner

    I intentionally ran all of my GMP training runs5 to 15 faster than GMP.  Didnt hurt a bit either in training or in the race.  Its all a crapshoot within so many seconds.  Whats your true lactate threshold?  Did you guess or get your blood tested during an analysis?  Do you do the analysis occasionaly so you can adjust your pace to fitness gains.  Do you know what your 5K pace is right now without running a 5K within the last month or so?

    There is science involved in the training, but its not rocket science.  I agree that If you are running your GMP runs faster than you can run a half marathon, you are probably screwing up.  But most of us dont know exactly what we are capable of on our own.  Its still a crapshoot.

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      Wow am I behind!


      i see some more great convos about training and paces I will I have to catch up on. Hope you all have been well!


      I was struck with the stomach flu for 2+ days so I've mostly been sleeping or wishing I could. Ended up missing 2 workouts and a lot of miles. Good news is I'm down 5+ pounds and apparently faster for it. Ran 4 miles at 8:50 pace tonight despite my stomach not being 100%. Im going to go back and catch up on the last few days now. Night all!

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        I find the paces debate interesting.  I tend to fall more under the +/- 5 secs per mile is no big deal but I don't want to get too carried away.


        8.1 easy miles done tonight. These day-after-tempo runs are starting to get easier.

          to much of the technical side added to it tends to take some of the fun out of it for me. Some people (like Cbus) thrive on it.


          a great feeling 4 miles. Trying hard to not run more than that since I wanna race the HM this weekend.


          The butt thread is out of control.

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          Bad Ass

            Rollcast, the butt thread only???  Fortunately, the dailies quieted down but it was close.


            Interesting discussion.  I run by HR and although I see my pace, I don't worry much about it now.  I always run negative splits so I end up running exactly on pace with the first mile being too slow and the last one being too fast.  Works for me!


            10 awesome miles tonight.


            Feel better, Banshee!


            Cbus, when I trained by paces I was like that too.



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            It's always fucking hot in Miami!

            Rusk Runner

              Roll - Good luck this weekend.  You pushing for a specific goal or just trying to break new ground?


              Banshee - sorry to hear about your bout with the stomach flu, but I am glad you are feeling better and feeling light on your feet!


              Onemile - Nice run. Sounds like you are really starting to feel some effects of your training.


              I have 12 miles on the schedule for today as I am sitting drinking a cup of joe and watching a light snow fall outside the window.  Yesterdays SRD was a pleasant treat after Tuesday's 1K intervals.  My legs feel good today and I am kind or looking forward to running in the snow (provided I am not slipping all over the place).


              I have found that running has helped me achieve a level of calm that I did not used to have.  Work has been a little stressful lately, and of course I work for the government so I am looking at getting laid off a day every week due to our wealthy government officials not establishing a budget.  In my pre running life I believe I would truly be losing my cool right now.  I guess if I start getting laid off I had better use that day to put in some extra miles.

              PRs...5K - 20:36, 4mile - 26:15, 13.1 - 1:32, 26.2 - 3:42

              Just Run!!!



                Morning Donuts! RD for me today but got in a lite 20min spin with some core and rolling too. Registered for both my spring HM's last nite so my spring schedule is set and excited for race next week. Registering for races kinda just makes it real and official. Plan to reg for Philly as soon as it opens after that debocle with Chicago now being a lottery.


                I like the MP discussion. I agree with indi if you're doing them at HMP that is way too fast, but with most of you do Hanson don't think that is case. I think if you're within +/- 2-5sec you're fine. Youre not going to be perfect on race day anyway. i try to use this logic no matter the run. I've really tried to zone in on my pace this cycle. I've had runs where 3 or4 mile splits are all exactly the same. That is when you know you're in the zone.Smile


                AmiK - get you tempo in?


                Roll - good luck with your HM this weekend


                Banshee - hope you're feeling better


                onemile - nice easy 8 miler. I always feel faster on track. Some of my friends do their tempos on track.


                indi - have a solid 12 miler today

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