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    Hey everyone- I've been missing for a few days because work is insane and I haven' thad time to update my log- its also frigid out and I own barely any winter running gear so my past 2 runs have been on the treadmill (ugh yuck).  We also had company this week and my boss came in early today.


    Mdawg/Nachos- Being in the body building world sounds a lot like skating - I didn't eat carbs to keep my weight down for the most part (the most aerobic you get is basically occasional interval training, and skating for an hour is probably like running for an hour- you don't need a lot of glycogen for that.  It sucked and I was exhausted frequently.


    Ami- Hope everything goes well in Arkansas! Sorry to hear about your aunt.


    Cbus- glad to hear you're keeping the curves up with some ice cream- I have a soft spot for Chubby Hubby, Milk N Cookies and Americone Dream by ben and jerry's.  LOVE IT.  I ordered a Balacava too- I can't deal with running inside for another second.


    Banshee- sounds like your chiro went crazy!  I added your blog to my reader and will be following along. Love the post on calibration!


    Me: 8 mi + 10x100m strides on the treadmill Tuesday- they kept trying to kick people off the tm because the gym was so crowded that I kept resetting every two miles.  Today I did 8 not 10 miles as prescribed at a GA pace.  The treadmill in our building is malfunctioning- every time you touch it, it electrocutes you, which is pretty infuriating because we pay enough in common charges for the thing to get fixed.  Yesterday was a spin day.  Today I might do some strength training - otherwise that will be tomorrow.

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      cbus - nice tempo run! Was that HMP + 20sec?


      indiana - being a former navy guy if women want to go into combat it should be their choice.


      Banshee - -how is knee? Seems ok if yu're hitting a 8;27 pace


      Ami - sorry to hear about your aunt.


      Sprinkles - nice TM run. Gym was empty at 4;45am this morning so i had my pick of mills.Smile

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        Bago, working with shelters and rescuers, I HATE HATE HATE bad owners.  They get their pets killed for no reason (plus they annoy the heck out of us, or could even injure us).  I wish the rule wouldn't be to kill the dog for biting somebody but maybe finding him a nice owner while punishing the owner for being an asshole.  I'm glad you're OK but what an annoying prick (him).


        You can tell I'm in a bad mood, LOL.



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


          AmiK - Thanks for the info on the mini. Sorry to hear about your loss.  Have a safe trip.


          Bago - Glad to hear you weren't hurt.  I'd just have indiana go with you on future runs.


          I'm off to spend more time on the dreaded treadmill this evening - probably another 6 easy.  When is spring?


            Afternoon all.  Sorry I haven't been able to post, work was quite busy yesterday so I just couldn't find the time - I did read last night on my iPad before bed though!  Did my speedwork yesterday at lunch instead of Tuesday night as I figured it would be easier in the daylight.  Normally I wouldn't be able to switch like that as it would put two hard workouts back to back, but I'm not doing a tempo run this week as I have a 15K race on Sunday.  So, just 8 easy for me this evening.  I had a massage yesterday, which was good as my calves have been bothering me all week.  Also have some bursitis in my right hip, which is annoying - I've had it before and it can be gotten rid of, but it is hard to do in the middle of training as the best cure is rest.


            Ami - sorry to hear about your aunt, my condolences.


            Banshee - I have no doubt that a properly trained woman could pass the PT requirements.  I was watching the Crossfit games when they were on TV recently and it is mighty impressive to watch a woman who's maybe 5'7" and 150 complete a clean ladder up to 275 pounds.


            Speaking of dogs, on my run on Monday an unleashed dog lunged at me on the seawall as I ran by - he didn't try to bite me as far as I know - I didn't bother stopping to say anything, but I gave his owner a death glare.  I would have no problem giving a dog a good kick in the face if necessary, and I like dogs.

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            Recovering from injured knee (PCL/Lateral Meniscus)


              OMG, I just got back from the most wonderful mani-pedi ever.  JK.  But my wife really does keep telling me I should get a pedicure sometime.  I think she's disgusted by my gnarly feet.


              Ami - Sorry to hear about your loss.


              Banshee - Count me in your corner.  Assuming they're fit for combat, women should definitely have the opportunity to fight alongside their male counterparts.


              Jedi and Cbus - Nice tempo runs.


              Sprinkles - good job on the treadmill.  I had a high school classmate that was a competitive skater.  You could tell it was a physically grinding and rather lonely experience for her.  She had to put in a couple of hours of ice time before school every morning while the rest of us were still asleep.  Then she was back at it again when the bell rang at the end of the day.


              Today was supposed to be a rest day but now I'm itching to drop a couple of recovery miles at lunch.  I have to remind myself not to get carried away and end up worsening my injuries.  But it just feels so good to be getting back into the groove and running again.  I can feel myself getting stronger with every step.


                Did you report it?


                Talked to our beat cop and he recommended reporting to PD and Animal Control just in case there is another incident.  So I'll do that.


                  Sprinkles, my true love is Cherry Garcia. But I love Americone Dream too (mostly for political reasons, but it tastes good too). Never had the other two you mentioned. But I'm thinking Friday's calling for ice cream.


                  Jedi, yeah, that's GHMP + :20. Or at least I hope it is! 


                  Nachos, glad to see you back and running again.

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                  White Lightning

                    Indi – guess I'll look into it. I'm going to have to quit running and start golfing and skiing to save some money


                    Jedi – nice tempo run


                    mdawg – good luck with your appointment, crossing my fingers for you


                    onemile - good luck with your MP miles tonight


                    Amik – my thoughts go out to you and your family, very sorry


                    Banshee – I'm a barefoot guy, socks come off as soon as I come in the door. I could live barefoot my whole life if it was socially acceptable. My feet are usually very tough from walking outside on our acreage barefoot


                    Cbus – fantastic workout. I really enjoyed my tempo this week once I was confident on the pace I was running


                    Me – 9.5 GA miles @ 10:08. Thought I'd be sluggish and sore after my P90X leg workout last night but I felt great, in fact I think its really helping. Nothing else on tap today and looking forward to giving the legs a rest tomorrow, they've had a busy week. Not going to be able to run my 10k on saturday, work popped up all of a sudden but it's probably for the better.

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                    Bad Ass

                      Good.  Hopefully, they will cite him and he will stop doing it.  I see leashed dogs all the time and the owners have that extended cord they can manage the length of and they let them have 10 feet of rope and they tend to like my legs too.



                      Talked to our beat cop and he recommended reporting to PD and Animal Control just in case there is another incident.  So I'll do that.



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      Bad Ass

                        One of my kitties just went crazy.  You can tell she is growling very loud when the attorney on the other line asks me whether I am hungry.  No, it is my cat.  He then asked if the cat was hungry.  LOL.



                        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                          Banshee:  I am with the other donuts as well.  As long as the female is fit for combat and can do everything her male counterpart can do, there should be no reason to ban her from serving in that manner.  How is your leg?  Did you go back for the next appointment or reschedule?


                          Bago:  Dog owners are the culprit most of the time.  A dog will respond in the manner it's instincts tell it to.  It's up to the owner to train them correctly.  Of my two incidents, the one I was most upset at was the friendly dog.  Poor fella almost got hit by a car.  Definitely report that guy.


                          So...had my lunch time sports doc appointment.


                          I get to up the speed to easy/long run level and increase mileage gradually over the next two weeks…thank goodness because this slogging 11 minute mile pace is killing me with boredom.  He wants me to get to an hour at a time of running with no pain.  No hills yet, though.  I’ll see him again in two weeks.  If everything is okay, he’ll be satisfied and send me off with orders on how to gradually reintroduce the normal hilly Atlanta terrain.  Of course, if something happens between now and the two week appointment (i.e. the pain comes back), I’m to back off the mileage and call him.  Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!  I’m going to edge it up gradually.  4 miles on either Saturday or Sunday…woo hoo!

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                            Josh - Nice run today.  Your comment to Indi made me laugh because I took up running as a replacement for golf thinking it would be a cheap sport.  In roughly nine months I've purchased the following running related items: 6 pairs of shoes, 5-6 running outfits, a Garmin, running sunglasses, a new MP3 player, ??? number of gu's/gatorades/powerbars, and 7 pairs of expensive compression socks.  That doesn't include the $300+ I've paid in race entry fees.  $100/month on golf doesn't look too bad anymore.  And I'm a much better golfer than why am I doing this again?


                            Mdawg - i'm glad to hear you're still moving forward.  Good luck on bumping up the mileage.


                            Decided to skip the rest day and ended up doing another 4 hilly miles at 8:30/mi.  I will definitely rest tomorrow - I think.


                              Nachos - I agree regarding the cost of running.  I don't know who propogates the lie that all it takes is a pair of shoes!  (Sure, a $100 - $150 pair of shoes...)  I still think running is probably cheaper than golf, but...  Also, I'm an equally lousy runner and golfer, but a much angrier (grumpier?) after a bad golf round than I am after a bad run.  Way too tired after a bad run to be too big a pain in the ass.  And, as I tell my wife, if I'd stuck with golf, I'd probably weigh 250  by now.  So there's that...  One thing's for sure - I have neither the time or money to do both.  I haven't golfed in three years.


                              Put in six easy on the treadmill tonight without issues.  I'm actually missing the marathon training.  What types of running do most of you do to stay in shape or improve when you're not training for a specific event?

                              Trail Monster

                                Sprinkles, thanks for checking it out! Sorry to hear about the treadmill issues.


                                jedi - knee is still black and blue and achy. I don't feel injured so I'm going to keep pushing out the workouts. I did cut my easy run short tonight to let it heal.


                                braycon - I hear you. I am so freaking sick of snow and cold!


                                zoe - sorry to hear about all the aches.


                                nachos - glad you're making a smart come back!


                                josh - nice workouts!


                                mdawg - hope for no pain! I have my next appointment Monday. I may keep it and not let him work on the same area again since it's still bruised and tender.


                                I was supposed to do an easy hour tonight and figured I'd just go to 6 miles. A mile in my treadmill belt kept slipping and it was making my bruised knee sore. I felt like my feet were slapping the belt and I couldn't get into a groove. I tried to walk for a bit and messed with the incline trying to get the belt to smooth out. Nothing worked so I ran/walked to 3 miles and gave up. I hate cutting a workout short!

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