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White Lightning

    Amik - jealous, I kind of miss it down there right now.  Have fun and stay hydrated!!!


    indi - im fine, other than the fact that I'm crazy sore this morning.  She said no problem on my back, will take two sessions to get it mobile again as long as my x-ray doesn't have any surprises.


    TM later today.  Did some pool running last night, surprisingly hard work

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      aka - I have some good hills here in Chambersburg too, but at that point in HBG with fighting blisters those hills did me in. I'll run HBG again just because I know in my mind I have a better performance in me there. Same can be said about gettysburg another course that was not kind to me.Smile


      Jedi: You're definitely right about the hills at HBG.  When I was leaving the race, some lady was telling her family about how the hills at Wildwood were "straight up, straight down, straight up, straight down!"  I had to laugh.  Coincidentally enough, I'm running Wildwood this morning.  Even for short hills, I've found that they prep me well for any other hills in races.

      9.7m for me this morning with  40min tempo @ T pace +15 sec. Avg. pace 7:29 which I am happy about as i did bulk of the tempo run on Chambersburg half course and the hills. Tempo done spot on at my goal HMP so happy with a solid run.


      Simon - thanks! I feel pretty confident on all my goals, except 10k as 10k's few and far between here in PA.

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        Morning guys.  Ended up taking an USRD yesterday to try to let my cold get better.    Seems to have helped as I'm coughing less today and feel a little better.  Looking at the plan, I only have 45 scheduled this week per Hansons anyway. (I was planning for 50).  8-10 miles for me later today.


        akalei - my Garmin seems to get the signal fairly quickly even on cloudy days but I have noticed it's not as accurate when it's cloudy so there might be something to that.


        Rollcast - super cute picture


        Cbus - nice job on the 4.


        Simon - now I feel less than tough for skipping my run yesterday.  But I did run 12 in 38 and raining on Thursday.  :P  And I wish more RA people would join our group too!


        Banshee - very nice run


        Indiana - Enjoy the recovery


        Ami - sounds like you are ready to kick some butt tomorrow.  enjoy the pool time!

        Trail Monster

          Ami - Have fun! I saw Docket's FB posts and it looks like she had a lot of fun and a decent time for as many pictures as she took!


          joshlynn - Are you doing the pool running with a weight belt or anything? I've always wanted to try it.


          jedi - woah are you speedy! I think you signed up for the wrong group! Wink


          onemile - get well soon!


          SRD here. I will probably do some walking or cycling to shake out my legs. I 'only' have a 10 mile long run tomorrow so I'm kind of freaking out about how low this week's mileage is going to be (38.5).

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          White Lightning

            Banshee - I saw a youtube video of one of the US Olympic women training and she was doing pool running two different ways.  One was regular running motion swinging arms and legs and the other was just legs, no belts.  I only did it for about 10 minutes but was more to test if I could get my garmin and HR strap to work underwater, which I was able to do.

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              Good morning!  1 hour on the stepmill including intervals and stretching at the gym this morning.  Super jealous of all the runners out this morning in shorts and t-shirts.  It was 59 degrees!  I would still have had on capris though being the cold weather wimp that I am.  I'm a little sore this morning, but not too bad.  More to the touch than anything else.  Some lovely bruising too, but again, not too bad really.  In my case, I think the actual treatments are more painful than the after effects.  Really hope this pays off on another test run next week.


              Amik:  enjoy that pool!  Good luck tomorrow.


              josh:  so what's the prognosis?  Will you be able to conquer some of these issues?


              Sprinkles and Roll:  nice photos!


              Banshee:  does your college offer some type of assistance or maybe a payment plan?

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              White Lightning

                mdawg - of course. I'll know more on Tuesday and she encouraged me to keep pushing

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                Rusk Runner

                  Josh - that sounds really cool.  I watched "spirit of the marathon" the other night and Deena Kastor was running on a underwater treadmill.  Pretty cool stuff.  Of course, I have access to none of that type of thing.  Neat to know its out there though.


                  Jedi - I am still curious, were you military?  Nice tempo!  You also post on sub 3:30 thread right?


                  Amik - Run hard, but run smart.  You will know if you are doing anything too aggressive or too passive for that matter.  The hard part is answering those assessments with the correct actions.  Youre gonna do great!


                  Banshee - sorry to hear about the school stuff.  I have always bemoaned the fact that someone someone who tries so hard to better theirselves with higher education has to overcome so many more obstacles.  I was lucky to have the military offer me so much towards an education.  I only took that to a two year degree however.  I wish I could offer you something that I didnt use.  You sound very positive in your approach to things and you have my deepest well wishes in your pursuits.


                  Ran my scheduled 4 recovery miles on the dreadmill today, 9:14 pace, 1 deg incline w/400m @ 4 deg incline.  Looks like tomorrow is going to be 12 miles in cold rain.  Cbus, you are in for that too, right?  Lets show'em!

                  PRs...5K - 20:36, 4mile - 26:15, 13.1 - 1:32, 26.2 - 3:42

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                  Three Martini Lunch

                    Indy:  Hope you enjoyed the rest.


                    onemile: Feel better!


                    mdawg:  Same here!  I think it was in the high 40s when I went out this morning, and I wore shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt, and my my second mile, I had pushed the sleeves up.  I'll take it; though it is supposed to drop back to normal mid 30s for this time of year next week.


                    josh:  hope you can get those things sorted out.


                    akalei:  enjoy your run!


                    AmiK:  enjoy your trip, and good luck tomorrow!!


                    Jedi:  nice run!


                    simon/onemile:  I posed an offer a while ago in the main sub-4 thread on the racing board, inviting people to join in.  I don't know if we got any lurkers from that or not.


                    I ran this morning.  No pain.  Very happy.  Crunching my quad with a foam roller a few times was what it needed, I guess.  6.7 @ 8:47.  We'll see how this holds up, and what it feels like later on today.  I didn't run yesterday, but did stretching and some TLC with a foam roller at the gym for 20 minutes each before and after a swim.  2500 yards in 51:53 total time.

                    M: 3:31:56

                    HM: 1:37:33



                      I'm covered in mud after a 12.6 mile run that included 7 miles on the Central Park bridal path with 5 at marathon pace - 5 mile cooldown on the highway all the way home.  About to go walk the dog and then go to the movies, walk the dog and then go to dinner- such an exciting life I lead.  10 mile 'race' tomorrow with friends followed by brunch.


                      I started my workout log on here...not sure if you can see it or not???  Let me know!

                      13.1: 1:45 | 26.2: 3:55



                        Yes, 3.5yrs USN '93-'96. I was not a gunner's mate if that's what you're getting at.Smile I was a Operations Specialist. yes post on sub3:30 thread in MRT group.


                        Jedi - I am still curious, were you military?  Nice tempo!  You also post on sub 3:30 thread right?


                        Sprinkles - nice mud run!


                        Banshee - no, I just like good running conversation.Smile

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                        Bad Ass

                          Hi, guys.  Quick post.  Disney HM done.  Stopped by every character to take a pic and had fun with a fellow forumite.  It was humid alright to the extend that I was more wet from the sweat of people around me than with mine and I was pretty Soaked.


                          banshee, you know you are in trouble with DH when you get to the inknburn booth and they recognize you by name and face.



                          have a nice day everybody!



                          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                          White Lightning

                            Docket - glad you're having fun, that's one I'd love to run one day


                            Sprinkles - Nice run.  Nope, can't see your log yet, you need to change it to public


                            Flinders - Nice to see your getting back up in mileage a bit


                            Jedi - great run


                            Me - Just a very easy 3 mile run on the TM @ 10:33 to keep the legs moving.  Legs and hips still very sore from yesterday.  8 tomorrow will put me at 40 for the week.  Should be warm enough to get that one done outside.  What a roller coaster, looking at 40F by Tuesday.  An hour of yoga later tonight

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                              Hey all,

                              Got in 6 @ 9:53. wore the Elixirs again, and I'm officially in love. So much more responsive than the Precision. Flexible, but still has spring to the step. The stability is not controlling at all. More like a firmer, and therefore more responsive, medial side. Definitely a keeper.


                              Banshee, sorry to hear about your school/finance situation.


                              Roll, great pic!


                              Onemile, get well!


                              Josh, wow, you sound jacked up! Hope the doc can straighten you out.


                              Mdawg, I didn't really hurt after Graston, except bruising type sensitivity. The pain was always the treatment itself.


                              Indi, you and I seem to share similar weather. Looks like storms for us too! Gonna be an adventure.


                              Docket, glad the half was fun. Post pics when you get a chance. Kick butt tomorrow!


                              Ami, don't go out too fast tomorrow, and you'll do great. Enjoy it. And smash Mickey's face in!!!

                              PRs: 21:35 (5K); 1:46:46 (HM); 4:30:46 (FM)

                              Bad Ass

                                I have some pics in FB but I'll post them when I get home tomorrow, I promise.


                                Hope AmiK is not freaking out and is having fun relaxing tonight.



                                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                                It's always fucking hot in Miami!