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    You have arthritic toe?  Me too.  What are you looking for?  For some reason, my toe gets worse if I run in the Pures for a long time.  I don't use any inserts.  Most of the time, my toe makes my sock bunch a lot.  I don't have hallux rigidus yet either and I think you won't necessarily get that far.  I've been at the same "damage" for 5 years even with my marathons.  Wearing heels above 3" hurt my toes (I assume you didn't need this advice, though) :-)


    Well, after doing some more research regarding this stupid arthritic toe, it seems that I will be transitioning to a lower heel drop for both running and dress shoes (indi, i think it was you that mentioned the Flow?). In addition, i will be working on my stride length and foot placement at the time of strike. Tested a couple of postures and i think i am on the right track. Does anyone here have any experience relating to running with arthritis in the big toe? Not Hellux Rigidus yet. CBus, any shoe ideas for the transition? the launch dont seem to aggrevate it as much.


    Thinking about running with a donut wrapped around my toe. Chuck Norris would........thats all I've got.



    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      Good morning all.  Another easy 6 on tap for today - that seems to be the theme for most of this week.  I'm going to run at lunch today as it is nice and sunny out and the rain is supposed to move back in tomorrow so I want to take advantage of this weather while I can.  Did 30 mins of yoga and some rolling last night.


      With respect to rolling your calves, I've found that the trigger point ball, placed on top of a block is much more effective for the calves than a larger roller.  I also use that small trigger point "footballer", but I actually find the ball more effective.  I might consider getting some Graston for my calves just to try it out - I'm assuming that like physio it is covered by my extended health plan so it won't cost me anything.  Although, I don't want to imagine anything more painful than when my massage therapist goes to town on my calves!

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        One more thing regarding Graston and stretching: in my experience, once major adhesions form, the greater part of my IT Band was very immobile, and so when I would stretch, I could feel the stretch at the hip, but not through the leg. As a result, my hip would get irritated. Mdawg, if you've got adhesions that are immobilizing your calves, it is possible that the stretching is lossening the already flexible parts, but not the immobile parts. So, like Sprinkles said, the Graston would break that up, therby making the stretching more effective.


        Onemile, you tried to Graston yourself? Hard core. That's like that guy who cut off his own arm to get out from underneath that boulder.


        Cmb, why not do TCM? It's in your backyard, and it's a fantastic race.


        I've done TCM twice, 2010 and 2011.  It is a really great race, and it is surely nice to sleep in my own bed and cook my own dinner the night before.


        I did the Philly HM one November, and I have always thought that it was great timing for a race, since so much of the training ends up being in September and October when the weather is really nice for running.


        Last summer I didn't feel like marathon training for a third summer in a row, and then my husband got some big lofty plans of doing a Spring marathon then training next summer for a half Ironman (just him - not me.  I am terrified of my road bike Joking).  We decided that something different (and flatter Smile) would be fun, which is how I ended up signing up for New Orleans.

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          Busy day on the donuts front, isn't it?


          After all this talk about Graston and being in the dark about it, I finally looked it up... didn't even know what it was.  Interesting.  Is everyone doing this to treat injuries or do some just do it for regular maintenance?  I tried going to a chiro a few months ago and got freaked out when he adjusted my neck, so I haven't been back since.  I'm thinking that between running and the desk job, it might be time, though.


          Sprinkles: you said to stay at the Radisson for Wineglass, right?  I can't find our old convo in the 3293847 pages from December.


          5-6 with pup this evening... I was going to run at lunch today but there was a gas leak at the Capitol yesterday so the roads around my office building (also in the capitol area) are sporadically closed and are a nightmare.  I feel better getting Alby out with me anyway, God knows he has enough energy to burn off.


          Also, a shameless plug for the day.  If anyone is looking to get their 2013 charitable giving off to a running start, I'm running with Team LiveSTRONG for Shamrock in memory of my grandfather (and in honor of several other loved ones who have fought and come out on the winning end) and would very much appreciate any support that anyone is willing to give.  Here's the link to my fundraising page:  Thanks for letting me be a pain Smile

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            Alright, I figured I should do this now while I'm just doing short easy runs, so made an appointment for Graston tomorrow morning - there is a certified practitioner relatively close to my office.  I'm afraid of the pain!  I should probably do my run in the morning before my appointment then just in case.

            PRs: 47:54 (10K); 1:46:36 (HM); 3:50:52 (FM)

            Recovering from injured knee (PCL/Lateral Meniscus)

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              One more thing regarding Graston and stretching: in my experience, once major adhesions form, the greater part of my IT Band was very immobile, and so when I would stretch, I could feel the stretch at the hip, but not through the leg. As a result, my hip would get irritated


              Cbus - Funny you say this, when I was in the middle of my last cycle my hips were tender to the touch.


              37 degrees out right now and still warming up.  Borderline if its shorts or tights this afternoon, decisions, decisions...........

              Play the Game Hard!



                Akalei- I think the Radisson is the one by the finish line that is the "official" hotel where the pasta party and such are held.  I would stay there- that's what I am planning on doing.  Last year I wound up at the Days Inn, which was a bit sketchy and out of the way.  RE: Graston, I use it as maintenance now, but not regularly- I go when things feel on the verge of becoming a problem and stretching doesnt' work anymore.  i found out about it as a way to deal with ITBS.


                Zoe- I think it hurts less than massage therapy- it takes a lot less time too.  Good luck!  FWIW I run right afterwards and I'm always fine.

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                  Roll, the Launch already has a lower heel drop, so if that shoe is working for you now, you might want to stick with it. Another, similar shoe is the Nike Zoom Elite.


                  Cmb, perhaps consider Columbus. The weather is usually very good. And it's a great race. I also eventually want to run the Towpath ,either half or full, near Akron--it's all in a National park.


                  Zoe, I won't fool you. It's gonna hurt. But the pain is worth the relief. As far as running, I usually took a SRD when I got it done. But my chiro wanted me running my usual routine, so I was back the next day. Other than the first day, I think I could've run even on the day I got it done.


                  Akalei, I got Graston for my ITBS. The leftside is the side that finally brought me to it. And it cleared it right up. My right side is more jacked up, though because I've been dealing with it for nearly a year now. I'm not much interested in the general chiro stuff like adjustments--just the Graston.


                  Josh, yes, no doubt. Imagine a rubber band. And then imagine that the entire middle part is rigid, and that only the ends are elastic. When I stretched, I felt like I was only stretching the ends, and that the entire middle was frozen in place. After a while, those elastic ends started getting inflamed, so I had to stop stretching. Since Graston, I've not had that issue.


                  Just in case I haven't said it enough, Graston, Graston, Graston!!!

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                    Graston is meant as an injury treatment.   And I've only ever gone for an injury.  If you don't have a problem, getting it done won't actually DO anything because it breaks up adhesions and scar tissue.  However, I was thinking of getting some done as maintenance to help me make it through this training cycle.  I tend to get tight calves, IT Bands, etc, I am thinking when I feel like things are getting on the verge of injury to just go in to do some preventative stuff.  Maybe every 3-4 weeks.  I try do do a lot of foam rolling, stretching, etc but it's just not as effective.


                    My chiro also adjusts my hips. I'm not sure if that part of it helps at all but he seems to think it matters and I trust him so I let him do it.  He doesn't bill any extra for it and if he thinks it's worth the bother then okay with me.


                      Rollcast, I've had hallux rigididus in my right big toe for about, oh, 6 or 7 years.  At this point, I have very little upward flexibility in the toe, but I'm still running regularly.  In fact, more than I have in years, and on lots of hills too.  So its totally manageable.  I run in Sauconys with a 12 mm drop, but I'm going to try an 8 mm in my next shoe.  One of the best things I found that helps (on a dr's recommendation) was specially designed shoes (other than running shoes) that take the pressure off the toe.  Clarks has a pretty sizeable line called Wave.  They're super-comfy for my toe (and the rest of my foot).  This helps the toe recover from any irritation you might cause during running.  Despite the advanced stage of my issue, it doesn't interfere with running at all and I give the Clarks a lot of credit for that.  Before I had those shoes, I had developed some problems (ironically not during running but at all other times).


                      The only adjustments I've had to make as far as exercise is that I gave up on lunges and when I do push-ups or planks I rest my ankles on a foam roller or bosu.


                      I know more than I ever wanted to about this, so if you have any questions, shoot.

                        Bago - Thanks bag, I may lean on you for help more than you want. First off, why does the outside of the foot ache after longer runs? Compensation? I am going to check out the Clarks ASAP.


                        CBus - Thanks again Cbus, I am not a fan of having to rely on others but witht he experience on this board I feel confident in asking the questions.


                        Rocket - 3" heels, no. BUT, I am having to not wear my boots ( i know, youre probably thinking typical Texan) because of the un-padded natural leather sole and the major heel to toe drop. Maybe some inserts in the future but for now just comfort shoes.

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                          DTF - I run linux so I have to manually upload my files.  Takes a few seconds to type in any extra info i'd like to add.

                          I also run Linux, but I bring up VirtualBox and bring up an old copy of Windows XP just to upload from my 910xt into both Garmin Connect and Running Ahead.


                          I'm waiting for this guy to finish his Sportablet uploader (or more specifically just the Uploader) which would allow me to upload my data to Garmin Connect through my phone.  From GC it seems I should be able to download the file and upload into RA, but I haven't tried that yet.  Guess I could try a test of that portion at home.


                            Happy New Year Donuts!  I can't keep up with the activity in this place.


                            Looking for a good running book.  Only things I've read that are running related are Pfitz and Born to Run.  Any recommendations for the next read?  Hansons?  Hudson?


                            Went for a 3 mile run on New Year's Day in my new Pure Connects and my calves are so shredded I've barely been able to walk the past two days.  Looks like I'm going to have to be patient with the transition.  Smile


                              rollcast, my guess is that you are rolling your foot to the outside to avoid the stiffness.  Before I had the Clarks, I would do that all the time in my regular dress shoes for work.  I had to concentrate sometimes on keeping my foot aligned with my direction of travel.  The Clarks allow my foot to move straight ahead while avoiding the toe stiffness, so my right side doesn't have any compensation issues, and my left and right sides are both moving the same way.  They are both much happier now.  I never had that rolling issue while running though, probably because the toe of the shoe has some upward curvature of the sole that dress shoes don't have.


                              nachos, take a look at The Perfect Mile.  Its the story of the 4-minute mile.  Great story.  Great characters.  Well researched and well written.


                                Woke up at 4:30 to run 5 recovery miles at 5am.  I had no time to fit it in tonight, so I just wanted to get it done.  Kudos to you, Indianajag, for getting up that early routinely.  I think I'm one and done, haha.