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Talking Your Way Out of a Ticket (Read 324 times)


    I got pulled over last night, by TWO cars. I guess I am such a bad ass that they needed backup. I got chewed for dirt covering license plate. I kissed ass and walked away...whew. Dam it is good to be a BP person at times like that.


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      Yep. Well done.
      all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be

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        How cool! I have never been pulled over...oh friend and I did, back in my Colorado days, the first thing he said "do you speak English?", we must have been looking like two hot tamales because he let us go after a bit of face still hurts... Well done Bugs, "pretty power" is awesome Wink

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          The scary part she was a woman. I've talked my way out of 3 tickets, best advice, admit you f*cked up, promise to do better.