Truman Parkway Training Route Support


AHS Trails
7.91 km. Added by Myles (1/2/2010)
Bacon Ridge Phase 1 and 2
10.69 km. Added by ymmv (1/18/2017)
Phase 1 and 2 of the Bacon Ridge trails, including all of the connecting and side trails.
Bell Branch Chesterfield Loop
28.51 km. Added by ymmv (6/28/2009)
Bell Branch Hawkins Loop
19.11 mi. Added by ymmv (6/28/2009)
Bell Branch Loop
25.96 km. Added by ymmv (6/22/2009)
CCT-RCP loop
33.82 km. Added by ymmv (2/2/2010)
a field trip to Bethesda to run a DC loop.
chesterfield loop
18.14 km. Added by ymmv (6/22/2009)
chesterfield loop + 1/4 pinedale
12 mi. Added by ymmv (8/4/2009)
Crownsville Trail
5.5 mi. Added by ymmv (5/28/2010)
Crownsville2 Trail
3.78 mi. Added by ymmv (6/1/2010)
Hawkins Loop
20.35 km. Added by ymmv (6/22/2009)
Johns Hopkins Road Loop
33.61 km. Added by ymmv (3/8/2010)
Mastline Hawkins Loop
23.2 km. Added by ymmv (7/8/2010)
out to 5 and back
17.7 km. Added by ymmv (9/30/2009)
out to 7 and back
15 mi. Added by ymmv (6/24/2009)
Patuxent River Road Loop
27.43 km. Added by ymmv (3/8/2010)
Pinedale - Bell Branch - Hawkins
34.15 km. Added by ymmv (9/22/2010)
pinedale - chesterfield loop
21.5 km. Added by ymmv (9/22/2009)
Pinedale South Haven 450 Huntwood to Mt Tabor
10.64 mi. Added by janemporcelli (2/15/2014)
Pinedale Drive to South Haven to Route 450 (Defense Highway) to Huntwood to Mt Tabor Road. Hilly route. Some wide flat running on the top of Huntwood on the way to Mt Tabor.
Rosaryville Loop Counter Clockwise
14.85 km. Added by Myles (1/6/2010)
Rosaryville State Park, MD