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Training for the NC24 May 5-6 2012 (Read 670 times)

    Starting this weekend and a few days next week, working on my pacing to try and figure how I am most comfortable. I want to start out slower than I did in September. Being completely untrained, I started slowing down from my initial pace after just 10 miles of about 12 minute miles. Im planning to start out at 12 minute laps - 13:20 minute miles.


    Im going to get in a variety of  2-4 hr run/walks in at this pace over the next week. Will figure how Im feeling most comfortable initially as far as a walk/run strategy.


    >>>>>> David

      I'm going to piggyback on this thread since it's at least about the same race:


      I'm well beyond driving distance for this race, so I'll be flying in and can't bring too much with me. Is anyone who's going to be at the race going to have a table or tent area where I can dump my stuff while we're all racing? Mostly it will be some clothes, shoes, and a bunch of juice, ginger ale, and drink powder.


      My planned crew can't make it, but if I end up finding anyone else they can keep you (if you're spectating) or your crew (if you're racing) company.


      I hope everyone has fun with the end of their training. 

        Hi David, I'll now more about my plans next week. Another round of sick kids and a) havent been able to get out to train nearly enough and b) if my daughter gets sick from my son, I dont think we'll want them to travel, and I wouldnt want to leave my wife alone to handle them since Ive been out of town on business the last couple days. Not as worried about the lack of training as I am with the kid stuff. (Hand Foot and  Mouth with possible exposure to CHicken Pox for the 1 year old)


        So, I'm questionable for the race..but If I do go, I will have a crew of 1 and a pop up tent. You'd be more than welcome to drop your stuff off with mine and it will at least be taken care of. I should have a better idea if Im going by the end of the week.

          OK, it looks like I will be able to go. Spending the next week getting my legs back. I'll improbve overl last year. But Im just going to worry about going out and having fun. It really is a cool experience.


          Looks like there will be a much smaller group than they had for the fall. As of right now there are 82 entrants.


            I saw Connie Gardner and Deb Horn ~ But after a glance over the rest of the field - I saw people I knew - But no one else standing out that will put up huge numbers.  That doen't mean there are not other studs in it - Just they did not pop out at me.


            OK, it looks like I will be able to go. Spending the next week getting my legs back. I'll improbve overl last year. But Im just going to worry about going out and having fun. It really is a cool experience.


            Looks like there will be a much smaller group than they had for the fall. As of right now there are 82 entrants.

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              Enjoy your experience

              7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



              Demon of Bad Decisions

                But no one else standing out that will put up huge numbers.  Just they did not pop out at me.


                Sabrina Moran (137.82 PR) and Suzanna Bon (137.78 PR) are registered.  They can throw down huge numbers.


                Howard Nippert is there for the guys.  I don't know what he can do for the 24, but has spent many, many years on the 100k National team.  Serge is there, too.  


                There are definitely some people that are capable of having an amazing day.

                I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

                  I saw Connie recently registered. It was a blast watching her fight so hard at the end of the September race..A less crowded track and if  the temperature is near the average of this time of year in Cleveland, it could be ideal for her to make a run at the record again.

                    training starts tonight! (Only half kidding)


                    Trying to optimize what I can control. I will be working on my pace and going for 3 hours for 3 of the next 5 nights. Was thinking of splitting up 6 hours on Saturday. It will depend on how Im feeling.


                    My plan is to go out and maintain 100 mile pace for as long as I can (longer than last time). So, I broke this down into 3 hour increments of 14 laps/hour =12.6 miles. The plan for the next couple of nights is to work out what the easiest way for me to achieve this is. The .90075 mile of bike trail I'm going to run on is fairly flat.


                    In the fall it only took me 5 hours to fall off the pace--I started too fast. With better pacing I should hold on longer. I really dont think I can get 100 miles in, but if I can hold pace for 12 hours, 80 miles should be attainable.

                      Had a good run last night--although I cut it short - went for about 1:50:00...tweaked my back a bit and made a bad sock choice so I cut it a bit short. Feel fine this morning. Easily kept my intended pace and was consistant throughout.


                      I planned on 3-12 minute laps (.90075 miles) and one 16 minute walking lap. My walking pace was faster for both of my walking laps. I ended up a few minutes ahead of plan over the 8 miles I completed last night.


                      I cant run much slower and still consider it running, so I will work in more walking from the start to keep myself in check, or allow a short break every hour or so if Im ahead of my planned pace--although Id rather I keep moving while Im able.


                        I personally think you would maximize distance by walking every lap - Pick the worst area - If no wind start at the botton of the hill and walk 2 minutes each lap.  Mentally note where you make it to in 2 minutes and after awhile - Just walk to there each lap.  If there is wind - walk into the wind.


                        When I was just starting up this winter (Feb) - I could go forever with a run 8 minute and walk 2 minutes. 


                        Just my 2 cents.  The longer you can keep your running stride from tightening (Shortening) up the better.

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                          Appreciate it DB.


                          I did start with a walk/run strategy last Fall, but didnt walk enough and ran too fast.


                          I would tend to agree with you.


                          With my quick math--judging from yesterday's pace, I could walk 3 minutes per lap and run at the slow pace and hit my lap goal of 12:30-12:45 per lap initially. That is running at 100 mile pace and seeing how long I can hold it.


                          Would you recommend just walking the 2 minutes initially and banking that little bit of time?


                          Again, I dont believe I will get to 100 miles--I think 80 is a more realistic goal--and what I am truly shooting for. Last year at 12 hours I was right at 40 miles but I was crashing quickly. I had an 8.5 hour stretch almost right after that point where I totaled 14 laps. If I avoid a stretch like that, I should be in good shape.


                            No - Minimum of 2 minutes - 3 is better if you can reach your goals.  24 is not a race to bank anything

                            7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



                              Thanks for the feedback DB.


                              I'll see how the 3 minute walk plays out in my running this week. I do like the simplicity of walking the same stretch every lap. They are running it counter-clockwise for the Spring version--funny I dont remember any sections being downhill--but remember the uphills. I think maybe the stretch that will now be right after the start/finish may be uphill now with the course reversed.


                              If I can make it 50 miles in the first 12 hours, I will be able to get 80 in as long as I keep mobile. 45-35 split may be more likely.


                              Hows your training going for FANS?

                                went out last night and the rain started 1/2 mile in. Got through 4 laps and was completely soaked.


                                The first two .91 mile laps I walked 2 minutes and were a bit faster than my plan. 3 Minutes walking seems to work. Still need to force myself to slow down. Although the run back to the car was intentionally faster to get out of the rain.


                                I pulled up the complete list of splits from last Fall. No one that hit 100 miles did less than 60 the first 12 hours. So I'm going to go out at that pace with the expectation that I may end up at around 50 miles the first 12 hours and 30 the last 12 hours.