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First 50, just how bad will it be? (Read 543 times)

    Sore but wish I had have done it years ago...all that time wasted on marathons
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      Sore but wish I had have done it years ago...all that time wasted on marathons


      Congrats...you have to provide more details than that.

        I'll try to be brief.


        By my definition I think the course was hard, certainly much harder than the grassy 50k, and the dirt/roots/rocks 50k I had done.  These rocks were large and even when you stepped between them, you were stepping on other smaller versions sticking through the dirt.  It was speed limiting and kept my stride length really short.  There were some moments of great views of the lake and fields, so but for those rocks it was really beautiful. 


        I had mapped out and covered in tape a little guide showing how far it was until the next aid station, what the distance would be at that time, how long it would take given their pace estimate, and what the time should be given their time estimate.  Bit of overkill, but interesting to have.


        I checked off aid station to aid station which was my focus the entire way, and I enjoyed the homemade chocolate chip cookies, watermelon, grapes, coke, coke, coke, pringles, as well as my candy and chews.  I had some sustained energy in two separate bottles (it doesn't last all day), putting water in my first bottle after about three hours, and switching out bottles and filling the second one at the half way point.  That stuff is flatout discusting when you have 3-4 scoops in a 10oz bottle, but I didn't really have a choice than to drink it paste-like and concentrated.  Think baby cereal - flavor and consistency.  It didn't make me sick though, even though it was hard to swallow - it did the trick.  I followed it with some chewy lemonheads. 


        I ran with two others and as we approached the 25 mile point they got slower.  We had already agreed to part ways at that point, and some time after that one of them got really sick and dropped out. 


        Things I learned:

        When everything hurts a lot, it doesn't hurt any more to run faster and to lengthen your stride.  I let out an involuntary 'ugh' every time there was a section without rock because it felt so good to run fast through it.  The relief on my tired muscles was amazing.  Like you say, if it hurts to walk then run. 

        I slept fine the night before, but I also got to bed really really early two nights before.  That's going to be the key for me, plan to be sleepless the night before the race and ensure you're very well rested from the previous night.

        My friend warned me that beyond mile 30 I may not be able to eat at all, so bank up some calories.  I was chowing down food the entire way, and had no issues - I'm very very lucky!  I was actually looking forward to the pringles aid station.


        It was a relief to run by myself at the half way point, the other two had various grievances along the way, so it was nice to not hear complaining (for lack of a better word), although that sounds mean.  It got lonely after a while and I realized I had left my MP3 player in my drop bag.  The remaining friend caught up to me (not sure at what point), and it was good to have someone to run with again.  I was really pushing the pace, much faster than we've ever run together and she was right there with me, saying how good she felt at that pace.  For the first half I was taking their lead with running 25 and walking 5, but for the second half I was taking into consideration the uphill walks and sections where you couldn't run, not having an additional 5 minutes after going through those.  I definitely enjoyed leading rather than following, although was smart enough to stick with those who had done it many times before and not risk going out too fast on my first 50mi. 


        Anyhow 45 people started, 12 didn't finish, the leading woman came in at 11:09:11, my friend and I came in 4th/5th 28 minutes later.


        Without those stinking rocks I could have kept running, I felt great.  I was so impressed with the power I had in my legs in the steep uphill climbs, and in the (short sections of) speed, even at the end. 


        I have Heartland in 4 weeks and that is gravel, it will be interesting to see how I do on an easier course, although it is at night.


        A 100 isn't a consideration anymore, it's inevitable. 

          sorry, that totally wasn't brief  Undecided

            Thanks for the report.  Congratulations on your race!

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              A 100 isn't a consideration anymore, it's inevitable. 



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                Congrats!   Glad you enjoyed your first 50!

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                  Just run.

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                    Wow,  I'm impressed

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                      A very inspirational run and report. congrats.

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                        Congratulations!! Cool

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                          Nice race - Nice report

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                              Congrats, and I'm so with you on the Pringles.

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                                Congrats, Aussie.  It sounds like the race went great.  Heartland will be even faster and easier.  

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