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Garmin and longer races (Read 123 times)


    Congrats to you too!  It was a great day.  I had a blast!


    Congrats Ojo! I was there too, sorry we didn't get to meet, though I'm sure we saw each other many, many, many times.


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      I ordered one but I seem to be having an issue that I am not sure how to deal with.  When I plug my Garmin in the charger, the screen reads "saving activity" and then goes in to recharge mode.  The timer is stopped and not recording any further information.  I have the Garmin 210, which shouldn't be too different from the 310.  Confused


      Thanks in advance!


      Funny.  I bought one (a scosche) and used it in April with my 310 at Umstead.  It worked just fine.  Loved it.


      How ever, when I used it last week for my 24 hour race It didn't work as well.  When I attached it to my watch

      the watch turned it self off.  Wouldn't turn back on even when I disconnected the charger.  Since I did get the

      charging sign when I re-connected the charger I went with that not wanting to waste any more time.  The watch

      charged but I lost the charging distance/ time from my watch.  I'm not sure if it was my fault, the charger or the watch.  

      I might have just been too tired and out of it by that time.  


      I will try it again next race.



      Just run.


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        My 305 is near death , I have this set-up which works with a pack . The charger came from Wal-Mart for $17.99 and it says it gives 100 hours of batter power . Your can tape or zip tie your watch to the charging bay , put the charger in a pack pocket , buckle the watch to a strap .



          I've used this with my 305 & 310.  At a race I used it to charge my Garmin 310 & iphone.