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Night Sweats? (Read 252 times)

who knows...

    Does anyone get night sweats when training? Doctors (different specialties) have ruled out anything 'unhealthy.' The endocrinologist that I saw wanted me to ask fellow ultra-runners to see if night sweats were sometimes a by-product of the 'intense' training characteristic of ultra-runners.
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      Totally. It can be from overtraining, especially with hot weather. But overtraining is fun. Check my log, it has been a good couple of weeks. Smile


        I get the night sweats too from overtraining. I thought I had some other biological processes starting up way too early since I was only 39 and then a friend of mine told me it was more likely from overtraining. I don't know about the hot weather part-I was getting the sweats during last winter. Kelly
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        who knows...

          Trent, I like the play off the Rim to Rim to Rim run Smile (referring to your 42 mile Kroger to Kroger to Kroger run). To both (ultrachick and Trent), thanks for the replies. Thinking back after your replies, it seems that I have them more when I am both pushing my pace and my mileage during training. Of late, it seems that I have had less occurrences when I have chosen to focus on mileage and keep things at an easy pace, running according to how my body is feeling that day. It's good to know that night sweats are not an unheard of occurrence for runners--given the rather unsettling biological possibilities. On to the 50K and the 50 miler!
          "There is no I in εγω." --Unknown author, source of possible, but in no way certain, Greek origin
            Well, holy cow and hallelujah! This has been driving me nuts. I couldn't figure out why I was getting such bad night sweats but no hot flashes during the day. It's nice to know that although I'm close, it's not quite my time for that wonderful little change that's just around life's bend.

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