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FANS 12hr race - we have a winner (Read 172 times)

    Adam Harmer, one of our very own Running Ahead Ultra Runners, won the 12hr race with a stunning distance of 75miles. Adam - many congratulations on an absolutely awesome run!
      Cool! It sounds like a fun race, and it's for a great cause, too. Here's a link to the results.

      Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

        Wow Purdey, what a nice surprise! Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. My race report is at http://aharmer-racereports.blogspot.com/2008/06/2008-fans-12-hour.html
          Smile No probs. Great to see such an amazing performance. What next? A 24hr? Or a trail race?
            Grandma's Marathon tomorrow, but with very low expectations Wink Glad you asked because I meant to put a message out here about the Superior Sawtooth 100 in September. www.superiortrailrace.com. This is an incredible race which has a marathon, 50 mile and 100 mile distances. Run on the Superior Hiking Trail along Lake Superior in Northern MN, it's so beautiful up there. It's entirely single track with rocks and roots littering the trail almost the entire distance. Elevation is about 20,000' of climb and similar descent. Not a fast course by any means but if you're looking for a tremendous challenge in one of the most beautiful places in the country, you'll love it. This is truly a world class course and event that doesn't get the exposure of some of the more well known events. Would love to see some new faces make the trip! What's next for you Purdey, I see the 24hrs 100miles insignia. Do you have a 24hr event coming up?
              Yes. But not until Oct 09. I'll be running the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 24hr race then to raise money for the Down's Syndrome Association - follow the link in my sig for details. In the meantime I'm running a 30k trail race in Aug, a trail marathon in Oct and then the Thames Meander 55mile race in Feb 09. Smile