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Putting something back into the sport (Read 206 times)

    I had the great pleasure of being a support runner, often called "A Mule" here in the UK, for a very accomplished runner friend of mine who had set his year's challenge to run 4 marathons in 24 hours! My job was to be his Mule and carry some of his kit for 2 legs of 26.2 miles each.


    David ran 3 legs of the London Marathon and it was my job to get him back to the start by 9.00am, in true ultra style we paced it almost perfectly when we arrived at the start again at 9.02 am.  Here is a flavour of the night's run


    4 in 24 hours


    If you ever get the chance to Mule it is a brilliant job and I personally got a lot from it

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