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2013 Ultra Race Calendar (Read 1290 times)

    Body willing:


    April 13th Zumbro 50 Mile


    May 18th Superior 50K


    June 1st Kettle 100K


    Sept 6th Sawtooth 100M


    Dec 29th Tuscobia 75M

    The Goofinator

      This is a keeping fingers crossed wish list:


      05/25-27 - fatozzig - Western States 3-Day Training Run

      July - fatozzig - Mt. Hood 50

      Sept - fatozzig - Headlands 50


      Hopefully a couple of 50ks before May, but undecided as to which ones at this time.

      Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


      Trail Runner Nation

      Into the wild

        Thames Trot - 2/2/13

        Shut up and run

          Feb. 2 Rocky Raccoon 100


            Jan - Phoenix RnR Marathon

            Feb - Moab Red Hot 55K

            April - Zane Grey 50m

              Thames Trot - 2/2/13



              Oooh.  See ya there.

                April - Zane Grey 50m


                Fifty Miles of Grey?

                  Fifty Miles of Grey?


                  I hear this one is pretty technical.

                  Feeling the growl again

                    I hear this one is pretty technical.


                    I think I would need to work on more than my back strength for that one....

                    "If you want to be a bad a$s, then do what a bad a$s does.  There's your pep talk for today.  Go Run." -- Slo_Hand


                    I am spaniel - Crusher of Treadmills


                      April 7th - ORRRC Marathon.  Xenia, Ohio.


                      April 28th - Forget the PR 50K.  Loudonville, Ohio.


                      Jun 1st - Another Dam 50K.  Englewood, Ohio.

                      "When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical. Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter, either. Then willpower will be no problem." 
                      Emil Zatopek


                        Anyone know when Cascade Crest opens and how quickly it fills?  Unless I get in WS / Grand Slam this year may be a nice one to do in August.

                          I forget when it opens -- spring, I think -- but it's a lottery. You have pretty good odds, though, because even if you don't get in right away, generally most people on the waiting list will make it as others drop. This year, everyone on the waiting list got in.


                          MTA I couldn't believe it when I dropped a week before the race, and got a refund check from the RD. Huh?? Here I thought maybe I would get banned or something for dropping so late, as I heard happened to one Badwater entrant.


                            Yeah, Cascade went to a lottery last year because the previous year filled right when it opened (maybe not Umstead fast, but damn fast).  The RD, cat named Charlie, is a super nice guy that shows up to run or volunteer at other ultras.  Bob, I bet you've been at a race or two with him but had no way of knowing.


                            FWIW, your odds of getting into Cascade approach unity if you volunteer.  So, Daddy, if you want to make two pilgrimages to the PNW, you're in like flynnflint.



                              Thanks.  SrL, one trip is likely all I will have in me Smile  Of course will have to wait until Hardrock and WS lotteries happen before can commit to anything else.


                                I hear this one is pretty technical.


                                It's an ankle breaker but was my first ultra (I was clueless).  Want some redemption Approve