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IAU 100 km Championshps cancelled (Read 56 times)

Uh oh... now what?



    Ratz -- hope the lack of support doesn't go over to the 24-hour Championships.

      We understand that the championships are of prime importance to our athletes. Keeping this in mind we have begun discussions to secure another venue for the championships. The discussions are still ongoing and we hope to come back with some more news by the end of next week. We apologize the inconvenience that the cancellation has caused our athletes and member federations. 


        Something is wrong with the bid process.  I have stated it before - I think a  local running club puts in the bids.  How many local running clubs can come up with the financing?  If they can, the logistics is no small task.


        Since this seems like the 4-5th issue in recent years ... maybe it is the best it can be?  Not enough interest?  Or sponsorship?

        I am fuller bodied than Dopplebock


          Really makes IAU look bad.  Why would an athlete even target these races anymore.