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    Hi. I'm currently training for a 24hr ultra in Oct 2007. To set the scene, I am coming back to running after a long break, I'm about 10 kilos over weight, and my 10km time is about 15 mins slower than I would like. My weekly mileage is hovering around the 40mpw mark but is about to increase. As an intermediate goal I'm running a trail marathon on 01 Oct. What are you guys up to?
      Well guys. I'm back. At last. After starting this user group up, and completing the trail marathon, I then had to undergo some fairly major surgery. As a result, I haven't run for 18 mths. My aim is still to be in shape to run a 24hr ultra. My training will have to start again from square one - so I guess I'm looking at Autumn 2009. It's so good to see so many ultra runners/hopefuls in the group. I think I'm going to need your support!!! Purdey. Big grin

      Into the wild

        Welcome back...Are you all better?? I did wonder what had happened to you but Google wasn't my friend. Don't rush getting back to where you were. Wink

        Shut up and run

          Hey Johnny! Yep. Totally recovered now. Will have to take it very easy - went for a 3 mile (!) jog this morning and really felt it! Never mind. Roll eyes