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Caesar's Camp 30, 50, 100 Mile Endurance Runs (Read 226 times)

    Well I am at it again this weekend and running in Aldershot in England, the run is called Caesar's camp and is based near and on a military vehicle testing area. Caesar's Camp is an Iron Age hill fort built about 2500-2700 years ago. As it suggests it is going to be quite hilly and is a circuit race, each lap is 10 miles long and I have entered the 50 mile option but have decided that I will review my situation at the end of the third lap being that I only ran the London to Brighton (57 mile race less than 2 weeks ago) Each lap has a altitude rise of 1520 feet which over 50 miles is going to be one tough little number.


     I love the organisers attitude:


    We provide the following; fully marked course, polo shirt with race logo, food and drink (coffee, tea, coke, juice, water, stew, soup, potato wedges, jaffa cakes, flapjacks, bars, gels, jelly beans, pretzels, crisps, bananas, ricepudding, tinned fruit and whatever else looks edible we might find on the land), my unsympaphetic attitude to those that whine and finally a range of unsuitable sad country music to make the weekend even more horrid.


    The organiser is a tough speaking South African but reading his emails and his organisational skills he has the runners welfare in mind.


    I can't wait

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    You'll ruin your knees!

      I look forward to hearing all about it!  Best of luck!



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