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pre race meal timing (Read 139 times)

Go Pre!

    Normally, I eat 2-2.5 hrs ahead of a marathon. 100km coming up will be double the most i have ever run. I assume the slower pace will allow me to eat closer to the start time. We start at 6am. I'd like to roll out of bed, eat and run if I can!


    When do you guys eat before a run that long?

      I usually do about the same thing I do before a marathon.  Eat 2-3 hours before the race.  The only thing I do slightly different for 30+ miles is try to get down something solid 30 minutes before the race.  I also drink a little bit more fluid as well as I'm not so worried about having to stop for the bathroom during a 50, it's just going to happen at some point at least for me.