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    How will you measure success?


    In the 1st 24 hour I did well at, I had to let 80% of the field pull away from me on the 1st lap ... You have to check your ego at the door.  I was talking to a woman and finally about 5 minutes into the race, I told her it was way too fast for me I would have to let her go.  I ended up 1st with 147 miles and she was second with 121.


    My 2nd 24 I did well at I also was able to check my ego.  I was in the botton 1/2 of the field (Men and Woman) through 12 hours.  I ended up 12th out of > 200 athletes with 154 miles


    The other 6 times I have run a 24 hour race - I have paced poorly, unable to keep my effort level low enough.  Sometimes it has been from stupid ego, other times because I had to push to the edge to try and reach a goal.  But every time it resulted in failure and many less miles than I could have run if I had paced slower.


    I figure if I can run a 2:45 marathon (6:18 pace) the right pace to start a 24 hour race is 8:45-9:00 minute miles.

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    100K or Bust

      How will you measure success?


      At this point I'd consider it a success if I'm still moving forward at the end of 12 hours and have covered at least 50K. 50 miles would be nice but I want to have fun, not half kill myself.

      2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility