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    After a quick search on this top 7 list I noticed that last weekend John Geesler did 133 mile in the Silverton Challenge 6 day race.  I couldn't tell if he stopped after 24 or if he was taking it easy over a few days.  Any idea if that was a tune up race or was he trying to post a qualifying number?  I'm thinking tune up since 9000 feet elevation doesn't sound like the best place to go for a big number and he's gone over 300 in the 6 day before.


    Rick, you may have already mentioned it but will there be constant updates throughout the race?


    DB - I know you've had a few training setbacks but I don't think we'll see 6 guys beat you.

     They said on the ULTRAList that John was going for the 1000 mile and due to a timing error (on his part) he missed an hour somewhere and then kind of threw in the towel.


    I will have constant updates for each runner as they cross the line (number of laps/miles completed).  I will be giving a file to the organizers once an hour which they plan to send to this link, http://northcoast24.org/2011/results.pdf


       I noticed on his HR100 report he indicated he was dealing with what sounds like a muscular / nerve injury when he DNFd.  He did 50 pacing the Michael Arnstein at Pb which tells me he is feeling better but 24 hours is a long time if you have a lingering injury.




      I think Nick will go out fast - Faster than Phil, slower than Mark and Serge



      Nick is young - He could build significantly on his 136 from last year


        It does say on the site that there will be updated results during race day. I am Psyched for this experience and will enjoy the front row seat to all the acton. I will probably post a bit in here during the race..and will be posting pics during the race on fb..send a friend request if you aren't already my friend on fb.

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          Pretty sure this guy is going to be added, but he is not on any official list yet, Michael Arnstein

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            Got notified today that Zach Gingerich will be entering.  That might be the last one.

              Pretty sure this guy is going to be added, but he is not on any official list yet, Michael Arnstein


              I'll be interested to see how Michael does, he's very competitive in local New York races, it'll be interesting to see if his unorthodox diet effects his ability at the 24 hour

              Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

              Message me!





                I am excited about the field - A few new people who have a chance to hit one out of the park - My biggest hope for American Ultra-Running is that a bunch of our 100 mile trail-centric people expand the bredth of their ultra running and 24 hour becomes more and more popular - Resulting in great US 24 hour teams for years to come. 

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                  The weather forecast looks to be just about perfect. High 66 low 54. i am working on nutrition and race day strategy. thinking about what I need to bring with me.

                    I have to apolagize - When I saw your avitar and the Murphy - I had thought you were someone else that I knew from another board ... and yes a female - Opps.  That is what the coment about the badwater was about - I ended up looking at your profile and now I am aware of my error.


                    I have not gotten anything together yet - I will have to do that soon. 



                    The weather forecast looks to be just about perfect. High 66 low 54. i am working on nutrition and race day strategy. thinking about what I need to bring with me.

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                      Good luck to DB, murphy996 and everyone else competing. And Hasher Rick doing the timing - very cool.


                      Third year for NC24, and third year I am again conflicted. I know the organizers for the event, but for the third year they scheduled it on top of one of our local 50k races (YUT-C). Can't be in two places at once so I will make it over to Edgewater Park for the overnight hours.


                      Some year I will run 24 hrs. I have dreamed about chasing DB around the loop but this year is not the year.

                        Rick- not sure when you're arriving in town. I thought you should know that a couple local breweries, as well as your namesake (McNulty's Bier Markt) is only about 1.5 miles (as the crow flies) from NC24. Great Lakes Brew Co., Market Garden Brewing, and the Bier Markt are all in Ohio City nearby. Will you be around to enjoy?


                          See you there Roots!


                          Jill will be my crew - She is sitting with Deb Horns crew

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                            thanks DB, I needed a good chuckle this morning.


                            This is my first attempt > marathon distance. I wish I were better prepared - or prepared at all. But this will giv eme a good baseline. This format is appealling to me as I am not fast - but am pretty good at torturing myself and always finish what I start.

                              ..and I do need to change my avatar. That is my oldest daughter--she's now 2, and we have a 5 month old son.


                                So I had tweaked my achillies a week ago - I pretty much have ignored it and I hope it will go away with the taper (Not yet)


                                Since Leadville (3 weeks) I have lost 10 pounds - But my fat ass is still 215#


                                I got a couple good weeks of training in - Only problem is they were 2 weeks ago and last week - I am going with the 7 day taper (127 miles last week)


                                Hasher Rick keeps freaking me out.  I can only run what I can run 140-145 at best and he keeps adding these superstar names -  It's about 50/50 wether a non-24 ultra super star can put a good 24 together.


                                I predict the man who will have a break out 24 at NC24 (If it is true he is in) - Zach Gingeriech - I believe Zach has a big one in him and I also think he thrives on competition - When he ran FANS24 and Cornbelt 24 - There was no one for him to beat - So he won, but did not break out.


                                There is an American superstar line up for Spartathon (153 mile race) - If any of them break 24 hours it will count for selection to the US 24 hour team.

                                *  Oz Pearlman

                                *  Michael Arnstein (Not sure if he is racing both?)

                                *  Chad Ricklefs

                                *  Adrian Belitu

                                *  Christian Burke

                                *  Dan Rose

                                *  Chisholm Deupree

                                *  Rajeev Patel

                                Although I am not 100% sure if all are US citizens - They all call USA their home.


                                If Both Zach and Arnstein are at NC 24 - They will also be ones to start fast.


                                OK - My tweaking is over - Now to start thinking about what I need to pack - I cleaned up all the Leadville dirt and rocks out of my running shoes (3 pair) that are my best available shoes for NC24.  I have other 12-15 pair that are too broken in to race 24 in, but not dead enough to through out - I kindof lost control of my shoe rotation

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