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    No women broke 100. Allene won with 99 laps (I think). Karen stopped to take a nap and so did Allene sometime in the middle of the night but despite that I couldn't catch them. Ended up taking 3rd woman with 85-ish miles. I thought I could get 100 after I hit 100k in 15 hours but I dislocated my navicular bone in my right foot around 45 miles. I thought it was just regular, pounding-the-pavement pain and by 70 miles I could no longer run. Once I had third place in the bag I went to the med tent where they reset my bone and taped me up. Had I gone in when the pain started I probably could have improved a lot. Lesson learned.

    2013 races:

    3/17 Shamrock Marathon

    4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

    7/27 Burning RIver 100M

    8/24 Baker 50M

    10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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    Altra Zero Drop

      I skipped this one..it timed with my son's 2nd birthday. I am thankful. Hopefully I will be there for the fall. From what I could see, it looks like they have worked out the timing issues from last Spring. April in Cleveland is rough. I think May would be better for the Spring race.