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    Our very own SueIn_TN is on the registered list!


    I have always wanted to do this. Then I run on a hot day and remind myself how crazy it is.


    Sue, I bow before you. What an adventure!  Best of luck.

    I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

    Refurbished Hip

      After that relay performance this year, Sue is going to go for the win.  Just don't get lost this time!

        Thanks, WG. I got my feet wet by running the relay with Ben last year. Running solo and uncrewed will be a totally different race. My goal is to beat that sexist UltraSignup predicted time.


        Mandy-Stupid Alabama. Smile

          Wow! I can't wait to read the RR. Sue - please do post one.


            and stupid Shelbyville.


              Just looked at the ultrasignup predictions. That's NOT going to happen. They've got an uncrewed 21 y/o with one 100M finish for a win picked to be the new king in 104 hours. Faster than any of the crewed runners? Former King Juli is back and they don't even have her picked first crewed female? Former King Don Winkley is also back and they have him at the bottom of the list with no rating.

              You'll kick that 201 predictions butt. I'm calling in a vet appointment for your pups on Tuesday. Big grin

                For the uncrewed, all but one man are predicted to beat all but one woman. Right...


                Hoping for a "normal" year. Don't want a crazy hot year, and while a cold summer would be nice, it wouldn't be the same experience.


                Even though the registration end date was last Dec, you can still sign up.
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                  So Sue, are you planning to send drop bags to yourself at various UPS stores along the route or something?  Or just graze fast food as you go?

                  Upcoming races:  
                  Mt. Cheaha 50K 2/22
                  Georgia Death race 100K 3/15-16
                  Sweetwater 50K 4/12
                  Cruel Jewel 100 5/16-17
                  Make It By Midnight FM 7/XX
                  H9 50 mile 8/9
                  Georgia Jewel 100 9/27
                  Pacing at Pinhoti 100 11/XX
                  Dunkin Ridge Trail 50K 11/XX
                  Lookout Mtn 50 mile 12/20