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Demon of Bad Decisions

    DB- My understanding was that he intentionally goes to 24's looking to be able to race a fast 100. He also did this at Desert Solstice. I have been known to be wrong before, though.

    I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


      I believe this was true at NC - 1st time and Desert Solstice - The 2nd time at NC - He seemed proud that he backed off and hit 100 miles an hour slower - This gave me the impression he was hoping to run a more even race and keep going.  I could be wrong as it is all based upon observation and interpretation.

      7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



        Sorry to hear of the ugly day - I agree that the race will give you meditative time to comtemplate and put things is a proper prespective.  After a few hours the stress and emotions of the issue will fade away and you can explore and hopefully come to peace with it if possible.  I always leave a really long training run with a lot of peace and a clear understanding of what I am going to do about problems. 


        Thanks DB. This race is happening at a perfect time. I have a huge weight on my shoulders right now. Nothing I put myself through this weekend will compare to the stress I'm feeling at work. I'm gonna half to fight the urge to blow it out and keep it under control.

          Nothing I put myself through this weekend will compare to the stress I'm feeling at work.


          Murph - Sorry about the struggle right now.  I hope you find relief in the monotony of the 1-mile loop, with nothing more to do or worry about than fueling and moving forward.  I've have some of my best races feeling just like that, where the stress and pain of running 24 hours (or a race like Badwater) seemed like child's play compared to real life at that time.  Ultras have a way of breaking things down and reminding us that, in the big picture, life is simpler than it often appears.  Good luck out there.  I can't wait to start watching the results roll in. I'll be cheering for you.

            5 hors on about 22 miles. Timing is being done manually now so don't have any updates on leaders.

              Don't worry about updating us Murphy - keep moving!


              I'm heading out there this evening. In the meantime, I found this update on the FB page:


              <h6>Unofficial Leaders at 6 Hours (1 lap =.90075 mile)
              1. Dave James - 50 laps
              2. Jon Olsen - 48 laps
              Jeff Ashizawa - 48 laps
              ... 4. Serge Arbona - 47 laps
              5. Valmir Nunes -46 laps

              1. Emily Uhlig - 45 laps
              2. Connie Gardner - 43 laps
              Sabrina Moran - 43 laps
              Suzanna Bon - 43 laps

                thanks for the updates



                Demon of Bad Decisions

                  Thanks for the updates, roots. Please keep them coming.

                  I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


                    More details on the 6-hr update here:


                    2012 North Coast 24 Spring – 6 Hour Update
                      Unofficial Lap Count
                    Bib Last Name First Name Gender Laps
                    25 James David M 50
                    61 Olsen Jon M 48
                    68 Ashizawa Jeff M 48
                    2 Arbona Serge M 47
                    69 Nunes Valmir M 46
                    33 Jones Ryan M 45
                    53 Simpson Dan M 45
                    64 Creutzer Christian M 45
                    84 Uhlig Emily F 45
                    35 Fejes Joe M 44
                    1 Gardner Constance F 43
                    10 Peverada Chris M 43
                    70 Moran Sabrina F 43
                    79 Bon Suzanna F 43
                    92 Pokorny Robert M 43
                    4 McCulley Mac M 42
                    54 Tribett Tammy F 42
                    3 Horn Debra F 41
                    38 Bello Joseph M 41
                    57 Ploskonka David M 41
                    76 Miller Gregory M 41
                    77 Nippert Howard M 41
                    88 Piskorska Anna F 41
                    45 Kelikuli Kai M 40
                    28 Bondar Liz F 39
                    48 Geesler John M 39
                    91 Polman Brad M 39
                    95 Rucci Vince M 39
                    14 Shelton Jenn F 38
                    20 Irvan Josh M 38
                    23 Clark-Osborne Deloris F 38
                    34 Obst Jon M 38
                    62 Dysert David M 38
                    78 Lane Byron M 38
                    7 Dumonthier Glenn M 37
                    52 Carringer Paul M 37
                    11 Baum Todd M 36
                    29 Dwyer Frank M 36
                    40 McClain Anne F 36
                    58 Smith Charles M 35
                    26 Roddy Bill M 34
                    67 Otolski Steve M 34
                    74 Elderbrock Mark M 34
                    89 Choi Jacqueline F 34
                    90 Derosha Dan M 34
                    93 Lisy Tom M 34
                    18 Reilly Gary M 33
                    44 Rousseau Edward M 33
                    47 Maemura Kenichiro M 33
                    6 Massie Tammy F 32
                    27 Reffert Shayna F 32
                    50 Green Thomas M 32
                    56 McCaslin Jeffrey M 32
                    60 Cendejas Javier M 32
                    86 Hnat John M 32
                    63 Cox John M 31
                    71 Morrowfox Michael M 31
                    75 Sundry Arthur M 31
                    83 Simmons Rick M 31
                    12 Basehart Eva F 30
                    13 Seger Nikki F 30
                    16 Rubertino Marjorie F 30
                    17 Rubertino Dominick M 30
                    42 Perrapato Scott M 30
                    87 Thomas Christian M 30
                    15 Dee Ronald M 29
                    43 Brady Matthew M 29
                    46 Newbery Jorge M 29
                    80 Haviland Michael M 29
                    30 Evans Rosemary F 28
                    73 Schultz Bill M 28
                    5 Baker Newton M 27
                    22 Anderson Phil M 27
                    59 Abdul-Rahim Mujaahid Jameelah F 27
                    65 Ostafinski David M 27
                    8 Taylor Cyrus M 26
                    31 Murphy Derek M 26
                    72 Barry Andrew M 26
                    82 Michard Denise F 26
                    66 Ostafinski Susan F 24
                    85 Surdyk John M 24
                    96 Yutz Vikena F 24
                    36 Banzhaf Tonya F 23
                    24 Potts Bill M 21
                    32 Lovy Andrew M 16

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                      It will be interesting to watch Emily Uhlig's race unfold.  She is the current female leader at a blistering pace, even ahead of Connie.  She is a reliable fast runner but this her first 24-hour. It will be great to see what unfolds later in the race.  Exciting!

                      Demon of Bad Decisions

                        Thanks for the updates Lisa. Dumb question. I have run this race before but can't remember...it is .9? to the lap?

                        I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

                          it is .9? to the lap?


                          yes - (1 lap =.90075 mile)

                          Demon of Bad Decisions

                            Thanks Steve. I'm 47 miles into a 3 Floyds/Flossmore Station Brewery ride and I keep on ignoring people for a NC update!

                            I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

                              Been watching for about an hour now. Approaching 12 hrs. Manual timing. Not sure what happened with electronic timing. Unofficially, the following stopped running: James, Shelton, Nunes. Gardner, Moran, Uhlig, Arbona, and Olson all moving steady. I'll try to get lap counts before leaving.
                                Peverada still moving too