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2012 US National Championship Team (Read 2305 times)

    Last text message I received from the course:


    "Sabrina was hammering the last hour and half. Running faster than anyone on the course"


    I'm afraid it might be a while until results are posted. The manual timing was not their plan A and I imagine there will be some disputes.


    Let's hope preliminary results post soon.


      AARGH!  Where are they?!




        Report from Joe Fejes - Joe Fejes - Unofficially...3rd place male with 142 or 143 behind Jon Olsen and Serge Arbona.


          Results are up:  http://northcoast24.org/news/

            Wow to the preliminary top 10!


            MTA: lap = 0.900075 mile


            Last Name First Name Gender Age Laps Total
            Olsen Jon M 37 176 158.53
            Arbona Serge M 47 170 153.43
            Moran Sabrina F 25 164 147.90
            Gardner Constance F 48 158 142.32
            Fejes Joe M 46 157 142.08
            Bon Suzanna F 47 148 133.97
            Polman Brad M 45 147 133.01
            Jones Ryan M 32 143 129.35
            Lane Byron M 44 141 127.37
            Horn Debra F 53 138 124.60

              Amazing race - Changes up DB's list a little.  Move's men's #6 slot to 142.


              Is Sabrina's total a new record for women?


              Great job Buzzie, Awesome race, Congrats.

                Yes it is. But I wonder if validating the results might not be an issue with the timing issues. Early on they were asking us how many laps we ran as we passed by. Not to verify-they didn't know.
                  Initially I didn't honk there was any chance of a record. It was very windy. But nighttime was perfect-temps and absolutely no wind for the most part.
                    Yes it is. But I wonder if validating the results might not be an issue with the timing issues. Early on they were asking us how many laps we ran as we passed by. Not to verify-they didn't know.


                    Oh Crap, I hope they figure it out.


                    Nice work out there Murph.  That's a lot of laps you put it.

                      Olson wasn't going for the record. He knew he had a big league and towards the end him and his crew were figuring at what point he could walk without Sergei being able to catch him. It was so cool watching Sabrina/Connie. Sabrina was a woman possesed this morning-just flying.

                      Bacon Party!

                        Just figured out who Murph is from these posts ...FLYING this morning, like Lazarus! My wheels came off somewhere between 17-18 hours, somewhere in the 90s. Hips locked. Able to get one back thru PT. Never stopped for breaks. No final small distance. Total scoring cluster.... Spent quality time w Debbie, Anna, and Bon. More later. In Believeland, getting recovery burg & beer before heading home... :-)


                        pace sera, sera

                          Liz. It didn't click with me Who you were. But you were so strong out there..and the coolest thing is that you were super friendly on the track. One thing about walking so much early is my legs were really fresh. I think around 2 am was when I had the real fast laps. I think only the leaders were faster than me for that period.I realed myself in a bit and walked some good laps. I had about 3 more fast laps then my knee yelled at me. When I was walking the last couple hours the foot pain couldn't be ignored...I have no less than 6 blisters on my right foot.

                          Bacon Party!

                            I asked several guys if they were you ...



                                 What? No. I'm not Murphy.


                            Murphy? Is that you?

                                 lol  No, I'm still not Murphy.


                            Are you Murphy?

                                 Sorry, I'm not Murphy.

                            Would you like to be?


                            Thought about asking you. But talked myself out of it - you hadn't mentioned running with your BFF!  ;-)  Doh!


                            It was an interesting day. And, mostly, I really enjoyed it. Beautiful. Windy. Loved the kites, kite boarders, and crashing waves. The sunset. The moonrise.


                            Definitely disappointed about the timing/lap-counting issue. Especially when I was given a carefully considered updated count that more closely matched mine, then, hours later find out that I had fewer laps then they'd told me (twice!) before. Really, I wasn't going backwards, even though it may have looked like it. And, of course there were many others affected. 


                            pace sera, sera


                            >>>>>> David

                              An official asked me how many laps I had at one point. When I said I had no idea, I heard an under-the-breath ****. I ended up telling them where I should be by giving them a lapped-by-Serge count instead.


                              My race started off ok, went bad, went great, went bad, then I made the decision to stop. I had been feeling good for a very long time but had a sudden energy crash and cramping issues that took too long to sort out. At  that point I decided to not beat my body up any more than I already had, since it wouldn't get me anything anyway, and just recovery for the next race. Maybe not the right decision for everyone or in everyone's mind, but I know it was the right one for me.


                              Part way through the race, someone who I thought was a random crazy lady started forcing me to take salt tablets and eat and drink certain things every so often. Eventually she grabbed my stuff from where I'd left it near Murphy's and brought it over to her camp. After that, my race was going really well until the crash. Apparently she is going to be the team manager for the US in Poland. She crewed for me, Serge, Anna Piskorska, and at least one other person all at the same time and seemed to be doing a very good job of it.


                              I won't get into certain lap counting issues that may have effected a few people who finished near the top, but if there were no official splits for Sabrina's laps, even if the lap count can be considered correct, can a record be ratified? Also, Olsen wanted to recover more quickly for Western States followed by worlds, which I think was the main reason he shut down early rather than going for the record.


                              Don't think I figured out who buzzie was. 

                              Demon of Bad Decisions

                                Maybe not the right decision for everyone or in everyone's mind, but I know it was the right one for me.



                                Your racing is a lot different than anyone else's here.  The variety of distances that you are able to excel at is incredibly impressive.  You lived to fight another day.  Nothing wrong with that.  It wasn't the race you wanted but you are young and will have a million other opportunities. I don't even know why you are racing with the rest of us old farts.  You have speed.  Go have fun with it.  Maybe a 15:15 this weekend?

                                I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart