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    ... 8 laps Big grin I have been hunting around for a nice ultra in the South-East England and came across this one, which can only be described as quintessentially British, you Yanks would love it Big grin English pubs, a touch of good old English eccentricity all in the Garden of England. I am ssooooo up for both the runs on this site, the organiser appears to be an experienced, no nonsense true extreme runner. Looking at the You Tube video there were a couple of guys from my local rival clubs, so I better show a face as I have met one. 50 mile challenge BTW, each lap is 6.55 miles, you do the maths Smile Anyone want to join me? Big grin

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    The Goofinator

      Sounds like great fun! Maybe some year . . . Smile

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        Jerry, I've done the maths. 8 laps of 6.55 = 52.4 miles not 50. (I'm probably up for it!) Tom
          Hee hee, I signed up for the Moonlight Challenge on 7th February 2009 (32.75 miles or 52.7 Km Cool ). Just added a head torch to my Christmas list. Interesting little route using tarmac and rutted farm roads makes it a difficult call to which shoes. One good thing is at least I don't have to carry kit as we can leave it at the checkpoint. Trying to keep this one quiet from my wife for the moment as I am in the dog house after getting the Hastings Centenary Marathon number via the swap facility ( pretty cool actually as coincidentally the lady who has given it to me belongs to a local club I want to join and has invited me to have an introductory run with them when I collect my number from her Big grin )

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