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    In July, I'm relocating from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon (thank...GOD). I already had the amazing opportunity to meet KateMD and Fattozig during a fortuitous run in Forest Park, but anyone else around here from around those parts? I'd love to connect so new friends can start bugging the hell out of me to do my long runs. Wink
      Saw your name and popped in to say hi. Have you checked out kickrunners, too? Another great ultra running community: http://www.kickrunners.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=31 When I first signed up on that site, I had a little bit of a hard time finding the extreme site, but eventually figured out to "search" for it. Roll eyes Are you gonna put Forest Park on your schedule for next year? Take a look at SOB, as well, since it's in Ashland (beautiful place). I'll let you know how our run goes there in a few weeks. Later!

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      Feb 13 - Hagg Lake 50k; Mar 19 - 4MPH Challenge; June 4 - Grasshopper Peak 30k; June 17 & 18 - Wild Rogue Relay; June 25 & 26 Western States Volunteer; July 23 - Pick Your Poison 24 Hr.

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