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2012 Western States 100 (Read 537 times)


    So who do you like


    I am always a sucker for local people ~ I am pulling for Zach Bitter to finish in top 10




    The low lander from WI has been out there scouting the course


    I am hopeful Cassie Scallon (WI)  has recovered from her injury that made her pull out of the World 100k race in April - She also has a great chance at top 10.

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      I'm gonna be rooting for him too.  I'm from Manitowoc, he went to a different high school than me though.


        My money's on RA's bhearn.


          Go Zach!  I totally forgot about checking to see if he would run or not.   Granted, as far as I know this is Zach's first 100 plus it sounds like he hasn't been focused on the distance until after Ice Age, so a top 10 finish against the mountain men would be pretty damn good.


          And of course go Bhearn!

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              That's sad.


              I'm one of the co-captains at the ALT AS at mile 85.  Any other RA folks that I should keep an eye out for?  We'll whip up something special for you.  Not too late for special requests.

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                I'm going to bandit this year.

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                  That's sad.


                  I'm one of the co-captains at the ALT AS at mile 85.  Any other RA folks that I should keep an eye out for?  We'll whip up something special for you.  Not too late for special requests.


                  I have a friend who is running. She is not on RA. Name is Emily Conroy. Talented runner from Memphis.

                    If I see her, I'll be sure to say howdy do.  In a non-stalker-ish way of course. 


                      Interesting with Kilian out, Roes out, Anton out.  I think the men's field is a little less stacked than the ladies field.


                      Will it be th eyear for Dave Mackey?  Tim Olson, Nick Clark, Mike Wolfe, Jezz Bragg ... Maybe Kaburaki from Japan?  Can someone like Zach Bitter or David Riddle take it?  Am I being foolish not mentioning Wardian or Ian Sharman?


                      It will be fun!  Sadly I am out of pocket until Wednesday.

                      7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M




                          244 Kolb Stuart Green Bay WI USA



                        This is a solid masters (50yo)  runner from out area




                        The one time he ran 8:11 at Ice Age he was running with his brother or else he is a very consistent perfromer.  I do not look for him to win, but to be top 20 if the Mountains Treat the flatlander well.

                        7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M




                          The other name I am not sure where to put is Jon Olsen - John has had a great year with a 7th OA at 100k World Championship,  158+ miles at US 24 championship and earlier this year a 13:14 100 at Rocky Road.


                          I do think he is in a similar boat to Mike Wardian ~ 100 mile at altitude, lots of elevation change and technical and they become less favored.


                          Jon has run WS in 05, 06, 07 with 05 being his best in low 19 hours.  He is likely a low 18 hour to maybe a high 17 runner this year.

                          7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



                            How much of a factor is altitude at WS100?


                              I will leave it to the vets like Ms Girl to give meaningful input, but here's an interesting comparison of the WS elevation chart (way smoothed out, alas) to other old school 100s.  Look particularly on the second graph wrt Hardrock.


                              My bet is that the hills and weather are bigger deals than the altitude (which doesn't seem bad TO ME, but I have not run it)


                              The Stan Jensen page with elevation charts. Squint.


                              Incidentally... per the mention of Mr Wardian up above... I don't think he's going to make top 5, and I suspect it'll be a hard day for him.... but that said, when I encountered him at the White River 50 a few years ago, he didn't seem to have an issue with traily trail stuff and not-small hills.  (yes, I know very well that WR =/= WS).  He's known as a road guy, but he does pretty ok on trails.



                                Eh. I was bored.


                                Here's Stan's first chart:



                                Here's the second one: