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    What type of training for 50 mile or longer races do you prefer folks:


    short - long - short - long - short - really long - really really long




    medium - medium - medium - medium - medium - medium - really really long.


    Hope this makes sense.


      Medium and long are relative terms


      How many miles do you want to average a week or better in a month?


      What kind of race are you looking to do?


      If I were training for a 100 mile hilly trail race (I live in a flat area with a long drive to a hill and a longer drive to a decent trail) - I would drive the 30 minutes to the 200 foot hill - It has a short steep way up in @ 1/4 mile and a long way up in a 1/2 mile.  It is pavement, but I would run up and down this hill for 60-180 minutes.  Shooting for closer to 180 each time, but even 60 minutes of downhill quad pounding is good.


      depending of my schedule I would 2 to 4 times a month run 4-7 hour runs on Moderately Hilly - Moderately technical trail (1 hour drive).  The weeks I could not go to the trail, I would try and get in a 20-24 mile long run.


      I would also do a speed workout each week.


      It would look totally different for a flat 50.

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        But on your thought vein


        Easy ... Easy ... 3 hour hilly ... Easy ... Speed ... Easy ... 4-7 hour long (For hilly trail)




        Easy ... Easy ... 3 hour road ... Easy ... Speed ... Easy ... 4-7 hour long (For flat road 50)



        You can move one easy anywhere you want - But you have to have at least 1 easy and no more than 2 easies between 3 hour hill - Speed and 4-7 hour long.


        Also I am an opportunist - So I often give myself the option of running anything between 4-7 hours depending on how I feel and can skip it all together and try again another weekend if its obviously not going to be smart to force it.

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          Thanks. It was sort of a general question, for the future. The upcoming 100 (km) is a flat race and I am merely doing it in hopes to finish, which I know I can if I don't push the pace. But for future, I would like to get my mileage up, as much for the 26.2 races as for the longer ones. I was more curious how you attack training when you get the mileage really high.


          To clarify, I was thinking along the lines of short = 5 miles, medium = 10-12 miles, really long = 20-25 miles and really really long is 30+ miles


            I guess I would like to see variety


            4x easy days

            0-1 really - really long runs

            1-2 Long runs

            1-speed workout (Ether during a medium or long run)

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              I'd tend toward 4 days of easy, everyday runs. And 3 race-specific runs ... Semi sorta long, long long, and short but intense. The duration, distance and intensity of the 3 specific runs vary, based on race distance/duration and terrain. And, the long long might not be every week ... Prolly don't want an 8-hr run every week! (i think this is similar to DB's response)


              pace sera, sera

                +1 what Buzzie and DB said.  For my last 50, I averaged between 80-100 MPW for around 12 weeks.  Most of the weeks looked something like:


                M - 9 easy

                T - 9 speed (tempo or interval around 10k pace)  doing 5K pace or faster was generally hard to handle.

                W - 18 Hill/Trail workout - I started out doing trails and switched to hill repeats

                Th - 8 easy

                F - 13 easy

                Sat - 22-31 long/trail - tried to get in as much time on the race course like terrain as possible.  Alternated shorter/longer every other week

                Sun - 8 easy


                You could always move some of these days around, for me some of how the schedule is organized was about other family stuff going on.

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                  2 weeks til my 100k. I will go into it under-trained, but I will take it real easy. I have been relatively low on the mileage, mainly due to goal marathons this spring, tapering, post race recovery etc. The 100k will however be 4th marathon or longer this spring so i don't suspect i will have trouble finishing so long as I do not try to go too quick.


                  For future though, I like your feedback guys...thanks!