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    After mile 20 chewing is hard work without water.



    Potato/Potawto: You say TP, I say baby wipes (don't dissolve in damp conditions. Wink )


    There is no substitution for fabulous aid station workers.

    There is no greater satisfaction than finishing a race which only a few miles (and maybe a couple of hours) ago you swore you couldn't finish.

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      1. It doesn't always get worse.

      2. Right foot, left foot, repeat.

      3. Learn to avoid the easy places to drop from a race.

      4. You can't put miles in the bank.

      5. The hardest part about any run is the first 50 yards.

      6. Smiling and encouraging others in a race will help you more that it will them.

      7. If you take enough gel, you will realize that every brand has a vomit flavor.

      8. Cartilage makes running easier.

       Love Number 7 Smile