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    Hello all, Wondering if anybody has ever heard of a multiplier for a 50 mile race up to a 100 mile race if done on the same course under similar conditions. For example, would you multiply your 50 mile time by 2.5? 3.0? Thanks in advance for any thoughts. AH

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      Well, let's see, depends on a lot. I have one course where I have run both 50 and 100 miles...9:56 for the 50, 23:02 for the hunnerd. These two races were a couple of years apart and my conditioning was better for the 100 than it was when I did the 50. There is another course where my PR in 100K is 15:28 and I did 100 there in 27:10 (these races were 2 months apart, so conditioning was similar. Some research of race results (where 50/100 mile race options are available) might provide more insight as well. Good luck, Lynn B

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        Some reading material concering the pace on 100 mile endurance racing can be found at: http://www.ultrunr.com/100pace.html

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