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Googled myself (Read 219 times)


    I found this site




    At 1st I found it very cool to get my splits from 2010 WC race


    66.647 km 1st 6 = 40.41 miles = 6.9 MPH

    62.692 km 2nd 6 = 38.96 miles = 6.5 MPH

    129.339 1st 12 = 80.37 miles = 6.7 MPH

    119.276 2nd 12 = 74.11 miles = 6.18 MPH (Almost 10km/hr)

    248.615 total = 154.48 = 6.437 mph


    I have never seen this data before - I am not sure how to translate to BLS 24 bad race ~ I think I was running 7.1 MPH early at fastest - Hit 80.3 in 12.  I do think the most I could do in current shape is 7.0 MPH for 1st 12 and still hope to hit 74-76 for 2nd 12.  I am sooo confused over what is "good" stategy for me ...


    Then I got a little weirded out that they also have a link to my blog


    But I searched some other RA'ers that do ultras and see you on this German site also. 

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      I found myself on there weird 

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