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NJ Trail Series 3 Days at the Fair 2014 (Read 87 times)

Feeling the growl again

    Best of luck with your race series.  I hope I can make it one year.

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      Race starts in 4 days, Thursday morning at 9:00am.  That is for the 72 Hour, the 48 and 24 start on Friday and Saturday at the same time.  All races finish on Sunday at 9:00a.


      I will not be posting updates here but will try to update FB here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/427920593937809/


      Also, going to try to update Twitter, @NJTrailSeries using the tag #3DaysattheFair


      Good luck to all runners that are coming out.  Make sure you say hi.  If you have never met me I will be at the timing table almost the entire weekend unless I am doing laps or drinking.  Sometimes I do laps and drink and / or time and drink too.


      --- I thought folks were joking when they were talking about drinking at the fairgrounds.  Drinking is allowed?   I'll save mine for after my 12-hour is complete, but I'll certainly bring a couple if it is legal to do so!  Perhaps a last-lap victory drink if I set a new PR?

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        Just bumping this to the top again.  Race is coming up in 7 weeks.  Pretty decent crowd so far.  No big names that I would expect record performances but that is better some times.  Keeps it a more low key family atmosphere.


        Hope to see some of you out there.  Let me know if you are coming.


          Hasher Rick I am hoping to run 3 days at the Fair next year if all goes well.  Hope you have good weather.

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            I'll be there cheering on some friends, plan on my first 50k there next year.

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              Just the yearly bump to put this at the top of the thread list for this year.


              2016 is looking like a great year for 3 Days at the Fair.  USATF NJ announced that the 50K, 24 Hour and 48 Hour will all be State Championship races.

              The event will sell out at 300 total runners across all races.  We want to limit the numbers so that the course is still fast and runners do not have to weave around to many people.  For those that don't know the course is mostly on a two lane road circumnavigating the Sussex County Fairgrounds.  You pass the kitchen, bathrooms and your own tent every single loop (exactly 1 mile).


              The course is very fast and American records have been set on the course.  Even more Canadian records have been set there too.

                After a couple of years noticing Rick's posts and others' positive comments, I'm gonna give it a try at 24 hours.

                Are other RAers planning to be there?

                  Had planned on running but have been dealing with PF for the last 10 months, will be there supporting friends.