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    Anyone there?


    I would love to hear about the race / Day


    I say Zach Gingerich won - I think in 19 hours.  People use to kid that every other year was a good weather year - But I think it was hot again - So maybe this is getting like Grandmas and just bad weather every year.

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      I heard it was hot again.  I had one friend who was supposed to be there, but weirdly showed up at the very obscure marathon I ran on Sunday instead.  So I don't really know.


      Carry on.


        I'm very, very thankful I didn't go run it this year. I think I'll take the rain last year over the heat this year.


        But then again, maybe I'm forgetting how much the rain sucked.

        Demon of Bad Decisions


          But then again, maybe I'm forgetting how much the rain sucked.


          God bless runners' memory.  Only the people that forget how bad it is can keep doing this.


          The weather was awful.  Muggy heat followed by six hours of unbelievable rain and freezing cold.  You looked terrible.  The rest of the runners looked terrible.  But you were tough and you kept going.  It was definitely a race to be very, very proud of.

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            I do not know anyone that ran it either, but almanac says it was a record high in Whitewater, WI (89 F) on the 4th. The next day it got to 87, but I don't think it dropped below 70 overnight.  I am starting to think every race in the midwest is a crapshoot, although I have been lucky so far this year with midwest races.  Let the gods of weather stay unperturbed by my feeble attempts to race.


            DB, good luck next week!  My legs are still not fast a month after the 50, but your remarkable ability to recover after an all out race effort never fails to inspire me to try harder next time.