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Grand Union Canal Race (Read 423 times)

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    Good luck Jerry; you've come a long way, now go out and get 145 miles further.

    Shut up and run

      I know it was a joke...I have been so focussed on this damn race for so long that we have agreed a game plan that will only be changed on the run if there are issues that only a race will present Smile


      Most of all Jerry enjoy the experience even through the tough patches. I hope you have your 25kg of goodies packed ready.


      Remember it's a privilege to race in this one so make it count and don't blow up less than 10 times during the race (that is a joke Big grin)

      Consistently Slow

        Run until the trail runs out.

         SCHEDULE 2016--

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          Good luck, Jerry!!!!


          one more.

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              Best wishes on 145, Jerry! Looking forward to your report. 

              "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus

                Good luck Jerry!

                  Thanks everyone


                  I have just had the "Checkpoint Menu" sent through and sounds brilliant


                  CP3 Canal Soup (sort of minestrone) + rolls; custard and swiss roll/apple tart

                  CP5 Veggie Quiche + beans; rice pud +jam

                  CP7 Scrambled egg/bacon sandwiches

                  CP10 Hotdogs (veg option); Waffles + syrup

                  CPs 6,8,9, cuppa soups and snacks.  CPs 1, 2 Snacks (fruit, chocolate, sweet, biscuits)

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                    Canal Soup


                    Hope they don't make it with water from the canal....

                      ha ha, there is great discussion about what exactly Canal Soup is but having had Dick's quisine before it promises to be a runners banquet. He has a habit of buying stuff to fit the budget and it will probably be minestrone with added pasta and potatoes. The warming stuff that fills your stomach but doesn't upset it.

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