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Missouri Crossing (KC to STL) minireport (Read 155 times)

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    My friend, Matt Rees, Bob (our jogging stroller) and I finished our run across Missouri with mixed success.  The run included the longest of all the rail to trails, the 225 mile Katy Trail (see www.bikekatytrail.com).  We started Sunday, July 19th at 6am in Klapmeyer Park in Kansas City and finished up at the St. Louis arch 6 days and 8 1/2hrs later.  The journey proved to be a challenge with a few 50 plus mile days.  Due to the swelling of my feet and an allergic reaction with the trail I decided to take a day off.  Meanwhile, my buddy Matt ran the whole distance of about 320 or so miles (I ran about 255 miles in total).  The purpose of our run was to raise money for the Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. If you are interested in supporting this great hospital that worked hard to save Matt's daughter (born prematurely with an underdeveloped left heart and underwent heart surgery after being born), you can make out a check to SFBRHS/Missouri Crossing and send to:  Missouri Crossing, 1000 Borgia Drive, Washington, MO 63090  

    I will write a longer, more detailed report in the future but for now here are some pictures taken along the way:  http://picasaweb.google.com/David.Stores/RunAcrossMissouri2009#

    David Stores (aka gringo runner)

    Enjoy life... this is not a rehearsal.

    Gotta Flee Em All

      Spectacular work!  Awesome!


      What is the cardiac defect, out of curiosity?