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Reached a milestone in training for my first ultra (Read 90 times)

Muddling through

    Finished the Bob Potts Marathon today in about 5 1/2 hours. Official results aren't posted yet. This represents the longest time ever I've been on my feet running. Two months ago when I first started training for NC24 my long run was about 9 miles. My weekly mileage is still hovering in the 35-40 miles range as we've concentrated on extending my long run. Just under 4 months remaining until the Fall NC24. I think it's time to re-label me from middle distance runner to something else except I'm fresh out of ideas.

    2014 Goals: Run first trail ultra, first 100K, and see what I can do in a 24-Hour race

      Nice job George! Was a beautiful day for a run!

      Wandering Wally

        Nice job!  I'm targeting about the same time for my first marathon at the end of June.

        Run!  Just Run!


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          Congrats on the race George.  Can't wait to see what you do at NC24.

          4/5 - Lost Brook Trail 10mi  1:15:42

          4/27 - Ironmaster's Challenge 50k

          6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 56mi


          Muddling through

            Run Muppy - thanks, and I couldn't agree more about the conditions.


            mj - good luck in yours. Hope you get as good weather as I had.


            Jamezilla - thanks, this was a real boost in confidence. Ian has me running workouts I wouldn't have believed I could do this soon. If you're ever looking for a coach, I would recommend him.

            2014 Goals: Run first trail ultra, first 100K, and see what I can do in a 24-Hour race

            Gray Runner

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              Nice work George.

              Upcoming races:  
              Mt. Cheaha 50K 2/22
              Georgia Death race 100K 3/15-16
              Sweetwater 50K 4/12
              Cruel Jewel 100 5/16-17
              Make It By Midnight FM 7/XX
              H9 50 mile 8/9
              Georgia Jewel 100 9/27
              Pacing at Pinhoti 100 11/XX
              Dunkin Ridge Trail 50K 11/XX
              Lookout Mtn 50 mile 12/20